Who Are Your Spirit Guides?


Ways Spirit Guides Can Help You Stay Connected and Aligned

Sometimes our lives are so busy, our attention is taken away from our inner voice and knowing. It is that voice that helps us to stay in the flow of life and make decisions that serve our highest self. Although it is essential for us to listen to in order to live a soul-filled life, it can often become the most neglected.

A mid-life crisis is a good example of when someone has done everything they thought they “should” do, only to wake up one day feeling unfilled and dissatisfied because they never followed their heart’s calling.

The life your heart wishes for is the one that the universe also wants for you. When you listen to your soul, heart and intuition, you are co-creating with universal energy to reveal the life you were meant to live.

It can be difficult to decipher the meaning of what our higher self is telling us, so there are ways to bring that information down into packets of information we can more easily interpret.

One powerful way to connect with your intuition is through Spirit Guides. It is important to note here that in the work I do and teach, Spirit Guides are not external entities that we call in. Rather they are representations of our own self – bringing in information from our superconscious mind or zero-point field that we can consciously understand.

The Importance of Having a Spirit Guide

If you’re like many people, you might have a good idea of what a spirit guide is, but you might not be clear on what they can do for you. Having a good understanding of what a spirit guide is and how it can help you will assist you in using them more often in ways that can support you the most.

What is a Spirit Guide?

A spirit guide is an aspect of your higher-self that guides and helps you on your path in life. They can come in all different forms from animals, angels and even inanimate objects and they can be with you for a short time to help you with a specific situation, or stay with you for longer, even across lifetimes. Although we refer to them as external, they are not outside of you – they are a bridge you use to help you connect with higher awareness. Here are some examples of common forms of spirit guides.

  • Personal spirit guides: these are energetic beings that you have a personal connection with and often times they are your ancestors, family members, and loved ones who have passed on.
  • Ascended Masters: these are beings that made significant positive contributions to the evolution of our species and are often revered long past their physical life.
  • Spirit Guides in nature: these can be found in plants, animals, or the earth itself. They can also be found in the sky or other celestial bodies like stars and planets. These guides are aligned with the energy of nature they associate most strongly with.
  • Angels: these guides are usually connected with a specific set of attributes that lend themselves towards helping in specific situations. Archangel Michael for example can help one get to the truth of things.
  • Animal Spirit Guides: these guides connect with the energy usually associated with a specific animal.
  • Archetypes: archetypal spirit guides tend to align with a specific set of characteristics. You will see examples of archetypes spread in stories and beliefs throughout history from the Greek gods to modern day movies. Archetypal spirit guides can bring insight just by making themselves known to you.

How Do You Work with a Spirit Guide?

Connecting with your Spirit Guide can be as simple as bringing your focus to connecting with the best guide to help you in a particular situation. You do not have to be in a meditative state, though some people find that easier as they first start connecting with their guides. Here are some tips as you begin working more closely with your guides.

  1. Ask your spirit guides for help

Your higher self and guides are waiting to help you, but you need to ask.

You can ask for support and guidance for a particular situation, or for on-going support. Just the act of asking for help with set your guides on their path. You can then keep open to receive information about the situation that will guide you forward.

  1. Check-in with your body

Once you are connecting with your guides, the information may not present itself outside of you, rather it can be communicated within you. When faced with a decision, your gut may strongly tell you no, or you might feel excess tension in your body. Your subtle senses can be used by your guides to share information with you.

  1. Use a technique to work with them

There are tools and techniques you can use to work with your spirit guides, including automatic writing, meditation, visualization, oracle cards, or working with an intuitive or healer. You can also get out in nature to connect with your spirit guides. All of these techniques are helpful and you can try the ones you feel called to. Remember these are tools that help you connect with your intuitive self.

The Importance of Trusting Self

One of the biggest challenges people face when working with their spirit guides and their intuition is that they often hold back from doing so because they feel anxious about working with them and do not trust the answers they receive. Accessing your intuition and guides is a skill that can be developed. Although some of us are naturally inclined to connect with our intuition and guides, for most of us this something we will refine through practice.

Remember that there are no coincidences. The universe is working with you always. The more you trust yourself and the information you receive, the easier it is to interpret the information and more information will flow to you.

When you don’t trust in your spirit guides, or yourself, your ego is in charge of determining what is valid and correct and it does so based on filters created in childhood. Typically fear controls how this information is processed.

Working with your spirit guides can help you regain that trust in your inner voice and knowing. Start off small – keep a notebook filled with things your spirit guides or higher-self tell you so that you can refer back to them to build trust.

You will know the guidance is heart centered when it is definitive and in love. Your spirit guide will not need to justify the message or send you information with ill-will towards yourself or anyone/anything.

If a message has fear, or is long winded, check to see if it is your ego in the lead.

How a Spirit Guide Helps During Difficult Times

If you find yourself going through periods of what you might feel are difficult times, it might be helpful for you to work with your spirit guides. After all, many of the challenges you might be facing right now, whether personal or professional, have a lot to do with your higher purpose and your life’s path.

We come into this world with things we plan to learn. That learning can become wisdom if we are open to it which leads to a higher awareness that then helps the world to evolve.

Working with your spirit guides can help you stay connected to your purpose, which can help you find comfort and solace through difficult times.

Using Your Spirit Guides in Every Area of Your Life

Many people don’t consider working with their spirit guides until they have a problem that needs to be solved and they cannot think their way through it as they usually do.

Spirit guides can help you in the “good” times as well. You can connect with your spirit guide each morning and evening. Use that time in the morning to align with the work that will best serve your life purpose that day. In the evening, use that time to take the day’s events and glean any wisdom you can from the things and people you encountered.

If you do not have a particular situation you need clarity and guidance on, here are some examples of questions you can ask your spirit guides:

  • What is my spiritual path?
  • What is my purpose in this lifetime?
  • What am I meant to learn from this (insert any experience)?
  • What am I not seeing clearly right now?
  • What am I doing that I should stop doing?
  • Who do I need to forgive or release from my life?
  • What do I need to forgive myself for?
  • What did I do today that supported my personal growth today?
  • How can I use this lesson or experience to serve my highest good in the future?
  • What are my strengths?
  • What is the best thing I can do with my life?
  • What should I be doing right now?
  • What am I supposed to do next?
  • What is the one thing I can do today to move my life forward?

An Energetic Body Having a Physical Experience

Remember that all aspects of our bodymind – our energy, emotions, thoughts and physical body are all integral to our life experience. Honoring them all helps us to live an aligned life. Opening up to the messages your soul has for you through spirit guides can ensure you are living your soul’s purpose and embracing your full potential.

How to Connect with Your Spirit Guides – A Simple Routine

Here are a few steps to help you connect with your spirit guides.

  1. Remember this is an aspect of your higher self. You have access to all information across all time and space. That is a lot for our physical brain to manage so our ego serves as a gatekeeper. Using a spirit guide is a tool for you to use your subconscious mind to access zero-point field to bring in the relevant information which you can then use to move forward in your reality.
  2. Be open to receiving help. You want to be open to receiving information. Sometimes we ask for support and clarity when really what we are wanting is validation that we are right, or that the choice we want is correct. You want to clear away expectations and pre-conceived notions so you can get a clear response rather than a biased one from your ego. You also want to open to the way in which you receive the information. Your guidance may come in the form of an inner message, or something might happen around you that you can see is a sign. You want to be open to guidance from any source because everything is connected and it is connected to you.
  3. Ask for help. Free will is a thing. Although life happens for us and in some cases despite us, we have the choice to open up to receive the wisdom. Asking for help is needed to open up the filters between your conscious, subconscious and superconscious mind. All you need to do is ask.
  4. Let go of attachment to outcome. Just as you need to open up to the kind of information you receive and how it reaches you, you also need to release your desire for a specific outcome in the situation. Of course you want a peaceful and enlightened outcome, but you need to release that attachment and trust that everything will work out exactly as it needs to for the highest good of all concerned.
  5. Listen. Once you ask for help, relax, and listen. You can take some time out of your day to receive the information. You might journal, go out in nature, meditate, dance – whatever helps you to be receptive. You will want to be present and observe what messages you receive within as well as outside of you.
  6. Thank the guides. When you feel resolution with the situation you have asked for guidance with, thanking your guides can be a great way to strengthen your connection with your higher self. What we are grateful for, we manifest more of.
  7. Build on the connection. Just as you need to do daily activity and consume nourishment for your physical body to strengthen and renew, you want to have a daily practice where you connect with your higher, intuitive self every day.

Your spirit guides are here to help. They can help you with anything in your life, including:

  • Helping you feel connected to the world around you
  • Helping you connect with higher levels of awareness
  • Helping you heal past wounds
  • Helping you make important decisions from a place of wisdom and love
  • Helping you to understand your perfect self and the path you have in this lifetime

Your spirit guides can be a powerful tool in helping you to remember that you are already perfect, whole and complete.

I hope you find connecting with your Spirit Guides to be a loving and enlightening process. You can download your 27 page pdf Spirit Guides Playbook below to help guide you on your journey.

In warmth,


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