What is Reiki Energy?


It has become common knowledge that everything is composed of energy. From the chair you are sitting on to the plant that sits on your windowsill, everything at its most basic level is composed of energy and vibrates at a specific frequency.

We can use instruments such as the electrocardiogram to measure the energy our heart emits and the lesser known electromyograph to measure the energetic signature of our entire body.

Humans generally tend to vibrate at a frequency of 250 cycles per second, but through work with life force energy whether as a recipient or practitioner, that frequency can increase. Studies have found that individuals receiving Reiki sessions, or those who were experienced in accessing their intuitive abilities measured with frequencies between 400-800 cycles per second. Individuals who had dedicated time and effort towards meditation and accessing higher levels of consciousness had energetic signatures that measure at 900 cycles per second.

Dr. Valerie Hunt with the University of California performed interesting studies that involved fractal mathematics, energy fields and imbalances. Dr. Hunt postulated that imbalances such as cancer could be in part the result of incoherent patterns of an individual’s energy field. Searching her name online will yield interesting videos and information as well as her book: “Infinite Mind: Science of the Human Vibrations of Consciousness“.

We each have a natural energetic signature and as we absorb energy from our food, drink, other people and environment we replenish those natural energy stores.

Our body’s energy can become incoherent or fragmented when we store emotions, memories or beliefs that resonate at a different frequency than our natural one.

When the storage we are holding becomes significant, the natural wisdom of our bodymind breaks down and our ability to communicate and restore balance becomes impaired.

Energy Fields and Science

Reiki energy resonates at a high frequency and can provide the body with the awareness it needs to address the dissonant storage and transmute it so the body can de-fragment and be restored to its natural way of being. The mechanism by which Reiki works involves several layers of the human biofield, a term used to describe the complex network of energy fields that surround and penetrate the human body.

Scientific research into the biofield and Reiki posits that this practice may influence the body’s energy fields in several ways:

  • Electromagnetic Interaction: The human body is inherently bioelectrical. Nerve impulses and muscle contractions are all governed by electrical signals. Reiki practitioners may influence this bioelectrical system, promoting balance and flow of energy.
  • Quantum Physics and Entanglement: Some theories suggest that healing energy, such as Reiki, operates on a quantum level. The principle of entanglement could explain how distant healing works, with the healer and the recipient’s energy fields interacting beyond the limitations of time and space.
  • Resonance and Entrainment: Just as a tuning fork can cause another to vibrate at the same frequency, Reiki might work by bringing the body’s energetic frequency into a state of harmony. This could explain the increase in vibrational frequency observed in individuals who receive Reiki treatments.

Reiki energy resonates at a high frequency and can provide the body with the awareness it needs to address the dissonant storage and transmute it so the body can de-fragment and be restored to its natural way of being.

Forms of energy healing have effectively been used for thousands of years and go by different names. Dr. Mikao Usui is known as the founder of this system of energy healing because he brought it to the mainstream public.

Usui taught others how to access this energy to help them connect with their natural state of being and physical and emotional healing were results of that connection.

Today, practitioners and the public tend to seek out Reiki with a focus on physical well-being without realizing that this balancing was just the icing on the cake so to speak. Dr. Usui believed that once the energetic body was aligned that the physical body would also be balanced.

Our bodies are energy. Although it is easier to think of them as masses of physical material, our cells are more than 99% space filled with information. That information is what tells each cell to behave in the way it does. When the information becomes corrupt, the cell’s behavior reflects that. Reiki energy can be used by the body to scan for these deviations and the body can then use its natural ability to restore the information so the body operates from a healthy blueprint.

Our memories and beliefs are stored at a cellular level. These are what trigger certain genes within our DNA to turn on or off. These thoughts and beliefs can be accrued over our lifetime and in some cases we may have been born with them. In both cases, these thoughts and beliefs can be assessed and adjusted or released if necessary.

As we continue to store energy, memories and beliefs, our response to anything that triggers that storage becomes greater and greater. Our emotional responses are no longer to the single event occurring in front of us, but to the thousands of events we have catalogued and stored throughout our bodies. We then begin living in a state of constant triggering where chronic stress becomes our body’s habitual way of functioning.

Using Reiki, you can become aware of the memories, beliefs and emotions that are not resonant with your natural state of peace and love and release them.

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