What is the HelioSol System?

What is HelioSol?

I’m so excited to delve into a transformative healing system that I am now so honored to be teaching—The HelioSol System. Whether you’re seeking personal growth, better health, or a new tool in your practitioner toolkit, this episode is for you.

What is HelioSol?

HelioSol is a consciousness based healthcare system with a holistic approach designed to rejuvenate the soul, body, and mind. Developed through decades of experience in alternative healthcare, HelioSol aims to bring transformative changes to every aspect of your life by ensuring that the root cause of imbalance in the bodymind is brought to awareness and addressed.

How does HelioSol work?

The HelioSol System is based on the ancient wisdom of advaita vedanta, combined with modern findings from quantum physics.

What makes this system unique is that it helps us to unravel the subconscious programming we hold onto that impacts our physical, emotional and energetic body. While other modalities tend to focus on either the physical, mental or the energetic, HelioSol works with all aspects of the bodymind.

Practitioners often comment that they are not only helping their clients, but also that their own lives are shifting dramatically as a result of the heart centered resonance this work is based on.

The HelioSol System employs two unique tools that can be used when working with others, as well as for self-care: the Foundational HelioSol Technique and the AgapeMind Process.

The Foundational HelioSol Technique can be performed each day on yourself and it uses frequency to help your bodymind shift and anchor the changes through the resonance of the heart center.

The AgapeMind technique, which I teach as a separate course as well as include it within the HelioSol Practitioner Program helps you to create a powerful mental construct you can access at any time to enhance your intuitive power and ability to manifest. Students and Practitioners use AgapeMind to gain clarity and create in their personal lives as well as to help access a deeper layer of information in their HelioSol or energy sessions.

A HelioSol session with a licensed practitioner includes both techniques as well as a custom tailored session specifically for each client. Through a specific type of muscle testing, also known as biofeedback, the HelioSol Practitioner is able to work with the root cause of the imbalances, the subconscious programming that is driving the imbalance, and then the specific non-invasive programs that will create balance are identified.

These methods harness the power of light frequency as well as your mind to manifest a new reality for you.

What are the benefits of HelioSol?

Clients note many benefits they experience after sessions, from a general sense of well-being to improved stress management, better sleep, and even fewer headaches. It’s also been found useful in emergency situations, providing immediate relief from pain and bleeding.

Can HelioSol replace conventional medicine?

While HelioSol serves as an excellent complementary tool, it is intended to work alongside other forms of healthcare. It can help to amplify the effectiveness of other treatments (natural and conventional) as well as diminish the negative side effects one may experience from other forms of healthcare. HelioSol Practitioners are trained to know when other modalities could be beneficial for the client, as well as bring in any additional training they have into their sessions.

Who can perform HelioSol Sessions?

You can perform the Foundational HelioSol Technique on yourself for daily self-care, or you can opt for sessions from licensed HelioSol practitioners who are trained to perform sessions tailored to your specific needs, situation and goals.

How can I find a qualified HelioSol practitioner?

Finding a qualified practitioner is easy. Just visit the main HelioSol system website, www.heliosolsystem.org, and check out the practitioner listings. Practitioners can even conduct sessions remotely through Zoom, FaceTime, or email etc. if you are not seeing someone in your area yet.

What can I expect during a HelioSol session?

In a session, practitioners use a type of muscle testing to identify the root causes of your symptoms. Then they apply the HelioSol technique to provide the specific frequencies your body-mind needs to initiate healing. The session is relaxing, non-invasive and the client’s bodymind determines what needs to be balanced and what frequencies will be used to create balance.

Is HelioSol safe?

Absolutely. HelioSol is a non-invasive approach that focuses on stimulating your body’s innate healing abilities. Our bodies are always working to find balance and health. The HelioSol system, helps to remove blocks that are impeding that natural process so your body can work as it is meant to.

How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions can vary depending on individual needs. Some may find immediate relief, while others may require a series of sessions for long-term benefits.

And don’t forget, HelioSol isn’t just for humans. It can also be applied to animals and even plants. This system is a wonderful way to communicate with these sentient beings and help them restore balance and health on all levels.

For those interested in becoming HelioSol practitioners or incorporating it into your existing practice, I am opening up enrollment for the HelioSol Practitioner Program. You can click here for all of the information.

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