Your Soul is Calling

live the life you were meant to live

What would it be like to have the world around you in alignment with your inner self?

What steps can you take to shed the life that is not feeding your spirit?

Your Soul is Calling offers a step by step, profound guide to help you create change. Whether this is your first journey into the inner working of your bodymind and life or you are a seasoned explorer, this course will help you transform your life.

This course begins by guiding you through your current life and helping you to become aware of why you are here. It then dives into making specific changes in all areas of your life-health, relationships, career, and finances. Finally, with a gentle hand this course will help you to manifest a life you love, the life your soul was meant to live.

Take a step each day to follow your heart and improve your life

  • Take an inventory so you can see what is and isn’t working in your life (you might be surprised)
  • Begin creating rituals that support your energetic and emotional growth
  • Start taking time each day to attract what and who you want in your life

what former students are saying

Lisa, making you go deeper than you would.

This course is really beautifully articulated and I highly recommend people who are learning or going towards knowing more about themselves and their walk in life.


Your Soul is Calling….Are you Listening?

$50 USA

$15 USA


  • Understand how past events in their lives were necessary in creating the person they are today.

  • De-clutter your home, relationships and life

  • Spot when you are being emotionally triggered

  • Utilize techniques to ground and center yourself

  • Understand how your beliefs affect the way you see the world

  • Release beliefs that are not serving your highest good

  • Utilize and practice various methods to elicit feelings of well-being

  • Practice creating the health, relationships and financial situation you desire

  • Gain clarity regarding your purpose in life



meditations AND reflective exercises that will guide you step by step



In this course we will explore your past, present and future and how you can be a conscious creator in your life. We will have you take a very detailed look at your life including your home, relationships and how you spend your day so you can start to see what aspects of your life need to be changed.

You will look at how you are fueling yourself from a physical, emotional and spiritual perspective and how you can begin upgrading.

We will gently explore how you have been reacting in your life so you can open yourself up to seeing your life with a fresh set of eyes and be at peace in each situation you encounter.

You will start to strengthen the connections with the world around you. From nature and animals to the coincidences that find their way to you, you will start to fall into sync with your environment and begin manifesting the life you were meant to live.

Your Soul is Calling….Are you Listening?

$50 USA

$15 USA

what former students are saying

Clearly and articulately explained; giving a wealth of knowledge about life experiences and how it can be meaningfully viewed and embraced.


This course is a way to address different aspects that we all need to deal with in order to be our authentic selves. Taking the time to reflect and meditate can certainly help. Not to be consumed at a fast pace, but like a good wine, to be tasted, savored and appreciated.


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Lisa Powers, Reiki Master B.Kin, B.Ed

I am passionate about health and wellness and helping others find natural ways to support their body, mind and spirit. I have been teaching Reiki and alternative wellness for the past 17 years and have been able to share these gifts with thousands of students. It is important to me that my work makes a positive difference in the world and I strive to provide positive and meaningful experiences for my students as they embrace their full potential and power.


Is there a deadline that I have to complete this course by?

There is no deadline and you can take the time you need. I am here to answer questions as they rise and you can access the course even after you have completed it. You will also have any new information or updates that are added to the course.

Can I download the meditations to listen to when I choose?

Yes, the meditations are available for download so you can listen to them on your device at your convenience.

what former students are saying

Excellent course! Thorough, specific, detailed.

Great work Lisa! I loved this course. I feel wiser, stronger and braver, with much more confidence and trust in self.


I really enjoyed this course - just because it is reasonably priced and online, does not diminish its value. I have paid far more for courses that left me feeling as if I did not receive any real learning or insight when I finished.

This course has empowered me with tools for daily meditation: I plan on listening to at least one meditation per day as an ongoing part of my at-home meditation practice. I will also revisit the additional resources to see if there have been any shifts in my mindset, and in my journey to improve my self-confidence. Thank you, Lisa!


It is time…

$50 USA

$15 USA