Sever the Sabotage Essential Oil Blend

Ready to let go of some habits or beliefs that are not serving you? This blend will help you to stop sabotaging yourself so you can embrace your potential and power – sharing the gifts you came into this world to share 🙂

Black Pepper – in some cases the sabotage is so deeply rooted, that we cannot consciously connect with the source thoughts and energy of it. Black Pepper will help to uncover those roots so we have the whole system connected with our behaviors.

Cilantro – sabotage can be our way of controlling the situation to ensure a predicted outcome. Cilantro will help to release the desire to control, and help to release and limitations we have enforced on ourselves.

Petitgrain – helps to release anything you have carried from your family and the collective that needs to be healed. Sometimes collective wounds if not brought into the light can manifest through destructive habits that do not serve us. This oil will help to clear those so the wisdom can be taken from the experiences and the pain released.

Cypress – let’s get things moving. Sometimes we repeat habits because we are stuck in a pattern of thoughts that although are false – are strongly ingrained. Cypress will help us to look up and out from that pattern and let go of what is not helping us be our best selves.

Clary Sage – sometimes the sabotage is so strong, that we cannot even imagine a life where we were not engaging in habits and ways of being that do not serve us. Clary Sage will provide the vision and clarity we need to see another reality where we are free.

Patchouli – if we engage in sabotage long enough, there can be a disconnect between body and spirit. Patchouli will help to align us so that our physical actions are fueled by our higher self.

Bergamot – sabotage can occur because there is a rejection of self. If we were raised to believe we were any less than perfect, we can create situations to mirror that belief. Bergamot will help us to love and accept ourselves completely and deeply. Note: sun sensitive means that areas you apply the oil to should not be exposed to sun or ultraviolet light for up to 18 hours.

You can add these oils to a 10ml RollerBottle and fill the remainder with carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil.

I hope you find this helpful :). Please share your experience in the comments.

In warmth,


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