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I have been watching the livestream of the doTERRA Convention the past couple of days and my conviction in the power of essential oils and the doTERRA community keeps growing stronger and stronger. From opening healthcare clinics where essential oils are a standard part of physician protocol to cancer research and studies demonstrating the powerful benefits of doTERRA oils (especially in comparison to other brands) reminds me that I am in the perfect place at the perfect time and you are here with me.

I have been re-reading the Medical Medium series by Anthony William and his theories that so many of our imbalances are a result of viruses, bacteria and toxins shocked me (even the second time around). The little voice inside my head is growing louder each day, and saying – “use your oils”.

Study after study is showing us that essential oils have serious anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. They can cross the blood-brain barrier where medications cannot AND they support our body when we use them safely rather than creating the side-effects that we experience with typical medications. AND – using them in our homes to replace the typical chemical laden cleaners and self-care products reduces the toxic load in our homes.

To me, this is a no-brainer. I feel like we have the answer to so many of our problems right in front of us, so let’s take action.

Of course – you need to do your best to eat well (lots of fruit and veggies), and rest (try to get your 7-9 hours), and reduce stress (breathe) but the oils can supercharge all of your efforts while helping you to release any dissonance on a physical, emotional and energetic level.

The last thing I want to point out is that not all oils are equal. There is a MASSIVE difference from brand to brand (I could not believe the studies when I saw the comparisons). Some companies outright adulterate their oils to save on cost. So even if an oil says “natural” – it only has the have 5% of the actual oil in it. There can be all kinds of synthetics and chemicals in the cheap oils you get at your local store.

Even organic oils can have pesticides and contaminants in them because in many cases, the money is spent on the certification and farming process, while little to no testing is done as the oil is processed and packaged. In order to have an organic oil, many companies also choose land where the plant is not native to and does not thrive in the way it does in soil and climate that it is indigenous to.  So you can have a chemical laden, organic oil that is not potent.

96% of doTERRA oils are from from land and farmers that are exclusive only to doTERRA. Sorry to drive my point home but if you are using oils, I want you to have the most positive experience possible.

If you are still with me – thank you :). If you are feeling excited about this, it is a wonderful month to join my community. In the US and Canada, you can get 20% off a starter kit. This includes one year of wholesale discounts for oils and products as well as all of the education and support you get for being with me. From my Essential Oils for Wellness course, to monthly classes and lots of free stuff – if the health and well-being of you and your loved ones is a priority – join me.

If you have any questions about what oils will support you best or what is the best way for you to get started, please get in touch. If you are ready, click here now.

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