Sacred Money Archetypes for Lightworkers

Identify your sacred money gifts and use them to create your successful energy practice and life.

Harness your unique strengths to manifest Abundant Wealth with grace.

Nurture your energy healing business according to YOUR essence and preferences.

Embark on a transformative journey tailored to your Money Archetype, unlocking your boundless potential for liberation, influence, and prosperity.

This is the energy practitioner's path to abundance

Unlock Your True Path to Prosperity as a Lightworker

✔ Break free from the illusion of needing to hustle in your practice

✔ Release the notion that there's only one path to financial prosperity

✔ Stop trying to adopt the methods of other practitioners and create your own unique path to abundance

If you feel trapped in a business that is not aligned and feels disconnected from your heart's calling...

If you feel blocked around receiving and attracting money for your gifts...

If overwhelm, frustration, isolation, and confusion have overshadowed the joy in your sacred work...

If you just don't feel confident in your ability to generate an abundant income without sacrificing your soul...

Deep within, you recognize that the answer doesn't lie in working harder, but in embracing a profound shift that resonates with your soul's purpose.

It's time to embark on a transformative journey that will help you light your path to abundace with heart-centered wisdom.

Embrace the Tranquil Path to Thriving as a Lightworker

Honoring Your Essence and Building Abundance from Within

create abundance from within

In your life and practice, you may sense deep within that something isn't aligned, and it's time to honor your inner wisdom.

Despite investing in courses and coaches, your income remains the same, leaving your once-joyful endeavour feeling devoid of vitality.

It should never feel as though you must alter your very essence to achieve success in your life and business.

Perhaps you harbor self-sabotaging patterns with money that hinder your progress both professionally and personally.

What you truly desire is a path tailored to your unique needs, strengths and heart's desires.

If this resonates with you, I want you to understand that you have arrived at the perfect place, and you are not alone.

I've traversed the terrain of the practical aspects of the healer's journey countless times and even now, I sometimes grapple with moments of doubting myself and feeling confused.

However, I assure you that when you understand your sacred strengths, and shift your energy, extraordinary things will unfold.

Embrace Your True Self as a Lightworker: Unleash Abundance While Honouring Your Spirit

You are a unique and beautiful soul, and there is no need to transform your essence to attract greater abundance. If you try to change who you are, you may find yourself:

  • Working tirelessly on tasks that don't align with your passion or natural talents, leaving you drained and disconnected.
  • Struggling to attract the clients who resonate with your authentic self, missing out on the meaningful connections you deserve.
  • Choosing to work with others who don't align with your true vision and values, hindering the harmonious growth of your business.
  • Carrying an unsettling feeling deep within, questioning your worth and doubting your inherent brilliance.
  • Feeling unfulfilled, as you know deep down that you're capable of so much more but are held back by inauthenticity.
  • Gradually believing the false notion that success and abundance are meant for others, not for you.

Pause for a moment and envision the limitless potential for financial prosperity and positive impact that lies within you, waiting to be fully expressed by embracing your authentic self and honoring your unique path.

Now, consider the profound cost of continuing on an inauthentic journey:

  • What treasures, both material and spiritual, might you be leaving behind by not embracing your true nature?
  • How would another year of relentless hustle and grinding against your inner knowing impact your well-being, your loved ones, and your ability to create a joyful and purposeful life?

Take this moment to nurture your heart and soul. Embrace the truth that you don't need to change who you are. Abundance flows effortlessly when you honor your authenticity and allow your true self to shine brightly.

Discover the Magic to Embrace Flow and Abundance in Your Business

Imagine a world where your business journey becomes a delightful dance of ease and joy. A place where you effortlessly expand your income while rediscovering the true essence of fun.

What if you could unlock the limitless potential of your Money Archetype to:

  • Embrace your unique strengths and personality, aligning them with your business for effortless growth.
  • Find joy in every task as you work within your zone of genius, fueled by passion and natural talent.
  • Experience a deep sense of fulfillment, knowing that you attract ideal clients who resonate with your authentic self.
  • Cultivate a harmonious team that shares your vision and values, amplifying your impact and success.
  • Release the burdens of overwhelm and frustration, stepping into a realm of inspired motivation.
  • Transcend self-limiting beliefs and embrace the truth that success and abundance are your birthright.

Welcome to a transformative journey that opens the door to extraordinary possibilities. It's time to unlock the magic key that allows you to effortlessly navigate the realm of flow and abundance in your business.

find joy in all that you do

Sacred Money Archetypes for Lightworkers


In this online course, you will embark on a transformative exploration to unlock the magnificent power of YOUR Money Archetype, guiding you towards building a thriving and prosperous energy healing practice.

Imagine a life where money flows effortlessly, where you experience a deep sense of ease, and where you are granted permission to fully embrace your authentic self. This is the path we will walk together.

Throughout this course, you will:

  • Harness the innate strength of your unique Money Archetype, channeling it to attract abundance with grace.
  • Rise above the challenges and obstacles that hinder your financial growth, discovering newfound freedom in your relationship with money.
  • Craft a powerful and authentic abundance story, aligning it with your true essence, as you navigate the different realms of abundance in your business and life.

You'll embark on a heart-centered journey towards an elevated understanding of money, transforming your energy healing practice into a vehicle of abundance and impact. It's time to unlock the sacred wisdom within you and create a practice and life that radiates the essence of your soul.

what former students are saying

Here’s why you’ll love this program…

Learn about your specific gifts and challenges and how you can use them to create more abundance in your life.

Get unlimited access to to the lessons and resources as well as ongoing support.

Join an aligned community of like-minded souls to connect and share your experiences with.

Complete powerful exercises and visualizations to ensure you are taking the information and implementing it in your life for growth.


Which one are you…?

Ruler Sacred Money Archetype


The Ruler archetype is focused on control, influence, and strategic management of their wellness business. They excel at managing resources, making wise financial decisions, and creating a sense of authority. Their primary motivation is to use money to establish financial independence and wield influence within the wellness field for the greater good of all.


The Nurturer archetype is compassionate and caring. They find joy in taking care of others and using money to create security and support for their clients, loved ones, and communities. Their primary motivation is to use financial resources to provide a nurturing and supportive environment for the well-being of others.

Nurturer Sacred Money Archetype
Connector Sacred Money Archetype


The Connector archetype values relationships, community, and collaboration. They excel at building networks and creating opportunities through connections within their practice and the wellness field. Their primary motivation is to use money to support and uplift others, whether it's by investing in education for themselves to help others or contributing to causes that align with their values.


The Celebrity archetype is driven by the desire for recognition and to make a significant impact on the well-being of others. They utilize their personal brand, visibility, and expertise to build influence and create financial abundance. Their primary motivation is to create wealth through their wellness platform and establish themselves as leaders in the industry.

Sacred Money Archetype
Alchemist Sacred Money Archetype


The Alchemist archetype is highly creative and has a gift for transforming their healing ideas and expertise into financial success. They thrive on innovation and seek unique ways to monetize their skills and services. Their primary motivation is to create wealth by offering transformative experiences for others that align with their wellness philosophy.


The Accumulator archetype is focused on building financial stability and security. They prioritize saving money and accumulating resources to ensure a stable foundation for their wellness practice. Their primary motivation is to create financial abundance that supports their long-term goals of helping others and sustainability.

Accumulator Sacred Money Archetype
Maverick Sacred Money Archetype


The Maverick archetype is independent and unconventional. They are willing to take risks and break traditional norms in the field of wellness and energy medicine. They use their innovative thinking and unique approaches to create financial success on their own terms. Their primary motivation is to create wealth by challenging existing paradigms and offering groundbreaking wellness solutions.


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Money-Back Guarantee SMA

Our satisfaction guarantee…

It’s important to me that you are perfectly aligned with what I teach.


That’s why I have a 100% back 14-day refund policy.


If you find that Sacred Money Archetypes for Lightworkers isn’t right for you, all you have to do is contact me within the first 14 days and I’ll issue a full refund.

Here’s what makes the Sacred Money Archetypes for Lightworkers Program unique…


As a certified teacher with 25 years of knowledge and experience, teaching over 170,000 students in the energy medicine space, I have been working with the Sacred Money Archetypes for the past 5 years and have created a program especially for wellness practitioners.


This course takes into account your specific strengths and challenges around money and how they apply to not only your practice, but your life as well.


Once you have an understanding of how your sacred money archetypes as a Lightworker impacts your business and life, you will be guided through exercises and reflections to help you transform your challenges into stepping stones on your journey of elevated awareness.

Headshot of Lisa Powers


Hi, I’m Lisa, and I live my passion by teaching natural wellness and consciousness-based healing to tens of thousands of students to help them find more peace and balance and make a positive difference in the world.

I have Bachelor degrees in Kinesiology and Education.

Twenty plus years and 170,000 students later, I appreciate the importance of helping wellness practitioners find balance and peace with money and abundance.

When we are out of balance with the energetics of money, it is a message that there is much more to be healed.

what former students are saying

Questions you might have…

If you:

  • Feel emotions come up when you think about money
  • Know you have some beliefs around money and need help unravelling them
  • Want to align with the energy of money so you can help more people
  • Are ready to start exploring how you can use your natural born gifts with money to make a difference in your life and practice
  • Want to feel more in control of the money you call in and release in your business and life

Then the Sacred Money Archetypes for Healers program is right for you!

The time has come to embark on a sacred journey, where your practice and life will undergo a profound transformation, ushering in a harmonious blend of profit and tranquility.

This is an opportunity to align with the whispers of your soul, as your heart becomes the guiding force in a life-changing exploration.

Immerse yourself in a self-paced program carefully customized to your unique Money Archetype. Together, we will unlock the full potential within you, unveiling greater freedom, deeper impact, and abundant income.

With a simple click, you can effortlessly take the next step and join this transformative experience.

only $111 USD

It’s decision time…

It is my heartfelt desire to guide you towards the realization of your most audacious dreams, both in your personal life and thriving energy healing business.

Within this transformative course, you will embark on a profound journey of self-discovery, unlocking the incredible power of your Money Archetype.

Together, we will reimagine your practice, propelling it to new heights of success and creating lasting financial freedom for you and your loved ones.

I have been asked countless times by my students how to bring more abundance into their lives and I believe this is the answer.

I will guide you through the sacred path of understanding your Archetype and building a thriving practice using the Sacred Money Archetypes framework.

This is where I believe I can make the most profound impact.

I have watched countless others who have shared that joining Sacred Money Archetypes® and discovering how to harness their unique strengths has been the most transformative investment they have ever made in themselves.

Countless others have expressed a heartfelt wish that they had joined the community sooner, realizing the incredible opportunities that awaited them.

Together, let us embark on this soulful journey of growth, abundance, and fulfillment.

invest in your abundance

The time for you to embrace your true potential is now.