Sacred Geometry Symbols & Their Meanings

Sacred Geometry Meaning

What Is Sacred Geometry?

Sacred geometry is an ancient science that represents the blueprint of creation, the origin of all forms. It is a science that explores and explains the energy patterns that create and unite everything. More precisely, it defines how the energy of creation is organized.

Geometric codes create all life forms, including DNA molecules, crystals, galaxies, stars, snowflakes, the cornea of the eye, and snowflakes.

All forms are comprised of this information- numbers, patterns, and other shapes. With sacred geometry, we can use specific shapes and symbols to shift the energy within and around us.

In alchemy, sacred geometry is seen as a key component in the transformation of matter and the attainment of spiritual enlightenment.

In alchemical practice, sacred geometry symbols such as the Flower of Life, the Sri Yantra, and the Vesica Piscis are often used as tools to focus the mind and to represent the underlying patterns of the universe. By meditating on these symbols, alchemists believe they can gain insight into the hidden mysteries of the universe and the workings of nature.

In addition, sacred geometry is also believed to play a role in the creation of alchemical substances, such as the Philosopher’s Stone, which was said to have the power to transmute base metals into gold and to grant immortality. Alchemists believed that the use of sacred geometry in the creation of these substances was necessary in order to tap into the cosmic forces that govern the universe.

Although it has been used for centuries, much of the wisdom around the applications of have been lost and we are slowly reclaiming this knowledge.

Nikola Tesla was known to have an interest in sacred geometry and its potential applications in science and technology.

Tesla was a prolific inventor and engineer, who made significant contributions to the fields of electricity and magnetism. Despite his scientific background, he also had a strong interest in spirituality and the occult.

It is believed that Tesla used sacred geometry in some of his inventions, such as the design of his magnifying transmitter, which he claimed was based on the principles of sacred geometry and the golden ratio. Some of his notes and drawings contain references to sacred geometry symbols, such as the Flower of Life and the Sri Yantra.

While there is limited information about Tesla’s specific use of sacred geometry in his work, it is clear that he had a deep appreciation for its potential to connect science and spirituality, and to reveal the underlying patterns and structures of the universe.

Nassim Haramein is a researcher and theoretical physicist who is known for his work on unification theory and the relationship between quantum mechanics and general relativity. He has also explored the role of sacred geometry in understanding the fundamental nature of the universe.

Haramein views sacred geometry as a key tool in uncovering the underlying patterns and structures of the universe. He believes that sacred geometry can provide a bridge between science and spirituality, helping to explain the interconnectedness of all things and the fundamental unity of the universe.

In his work, Haramein has focused on the structure of space-time, and how it is influenced by the mass and energy within it. He has developed a theory known as the “Holofractographic Universe,” which suggests that the structure of the universe is based on a pattern of interconnected fractal patterns.

According to Haramein, sacred geometry symbols such as the Flower of Life, the Sri Yantra, and the Merkaba can be understood as visual representations of the underlying fractal patterns that make up the universe. By studying these symbols and understanding their underlying structures, Haramein believes that we can gain a deeper understanding of the fundamental unity of the universe and our place within it.

Our reality arises out of the same source, the intelligent force that some call God, Consciousness, the Absolute, Brahman, Zero-Point Field and more. Sacred geometry helps us to connect with the infinity within ourselves.

Sacred geometry is unique based on their mathematical proportions. Mathematical equations make up our Universe, other dimensions/Universes, and galaxies.

What are the Different Forms of Sacred Geometry and their Meanings?

Mandala – The mandala is a sacred geometry that has been used for centuries by cultures around the world to represent the universe. It is a circular pattern that symbolizes wholeness.

Fibonacci Sequence – The Fibonacci sequence is a sequence in which each number is the sum of the previous two numbers. It is found in nature in plants, animals, and human beings. The Fibonacci sequence can be seen throughout nature, especially when it comes to plants and animals. The ratio of plant leaves to branches on a stem or the ratio of an animal’s body parts are often related to this sequence.

Star of David – The six points of the star of David represent the six dimensions of space and time. The two triangles represent the duality of man’s nature as both good and evil. The circle at the center represents God, eternity, and unity.

Metatron’s Cube – It represents God’s will within our world. The Archangel Metatron (angel of life) supervises the energy and flow in this mystical design. The Metatron Cube contains all forms that exist in the Universe. Those shapes are the basis of all physical matter and are known as Plato’s solid matter. Plato connected them with the physical elements and the spiritual world. They appear in everything from human DNA to crystals. This shape allows for harmony and balance.

Sri Yantra – The Sri Yantra is a complex and powerful Sacred Geometry symbol that has deep spiritual significance in Hinduism and Tantric traditions. The word “yantra” means “instrument” or “machine,” and the Sri Yantra is believed to be a tool for meditation and spiritual growth.

The Sri Yantra consists of nine interlocking triangles, which form a larger triangle with four additional triangles that point outward. These triangles are arranged around a central point, known as the Bindu, which represents the unity of all things and the source of creation.

Each of the triangles in the Sri Yantra represents a specific aspect of the divine feminine, or Shakti, which is believed to be the creative force of the universe. The downward-pointing triangles represent the divine feminine aspect, while the upward-pointing triangles represent the divine masculine aspect, or Shiva.

The Sri Yantra is also believed to represent the cosmos and the various planes of existence, with each layer of the Yantra representing a different level of consciousness or awareness. Through meditation and contemplation on the Sri Yantra, it is believed that one can achieve a deeper understanding of the nature of reality and their place within it.

Vesica Piscus – The Vesica Piscis is a shape that is created by the intersection of two circles of equal size, with the center of each circle lying on the circumference of the other. The shape is characterized by an almond or eye-like shape, with a pointed top and bottom.

In Sacred Geometry, the Vesica Piscis is believed to represent the intersection of the spiritual realm and the physical world. The shape is seen as a symbol of balance and harmony, as well as a representation of the divine feminine and masculine energies.

The shape of the Vesica Piscis is also believed to be closely related to the concept of creation, as it is thought to represent the moment of separation between the unity of the universe and the creation of duality. Some interpretations of the shape suggest that it represents the moment when the divine feminine and masculine energies first separated to create the physical world.

The Vesica Piscis is also associated with various religious and spiritual traditions. In Christianity, the shape is used to represent the intersection of the divine and human realms, and is seen as a symbol of the birth of Christ. In ancient cultures, the shape was used to represent the vulva and was seen as a symbol of fertility and creation.

Overall, the Vesica Piscis is a powerful symbol of balance, harmony, and the intersection of the spiritual and physical realms. Its unique shape and deep spiritual significance have made it a popular symbol in art, architecture, and other forms of creative expression.

Triangle – It symbolizes balance and harmony and can be associated with body, mind, and spirit. If directed upwards, it indicates raising awareness. When directed downward, it is associated with feminine energy and reproduction.

Circle – The circle is a perfect geometric shape. It is the only shape with no end, and it is infinite. The circle symbolizes perfection, wholeness, unity, infinity, and eternity.

Sphere – The sphere is the holiest and deepest symbol that contains all wisdom. All other forms are organized from the sphere shape. It is an expression of unity and equality – our planet Earth is a great example.

Square – the square is one of the most basic and fundamental shapes, representing stability, balance, and equality. It is often seen as a symbol of the physical world and the material realm, as well as the foundational principles of order and structure.

The square is often associated with the element of earth, which is seen as stable and reliable, providing a solid foundation for growth and evolution. It is also associated with the concept of the four cardinal directions and the four elements (earth, air, fire, and water), which are seen as fundamental to the physical world.

In addition to its symbolic associations with stability and structure, the square is also used in various forms of Sacred Geometry, such as the Metatron’s Cube and the Tree of Life. In these contexts, the square represents the foundational principles of creation, serving as a basis for the manifestation of higher-dimensional forms.

Spiral – The spiral represents a universal connection. Energy moves in that form. Quote “What goes around, comes back around” perfectly describes this shape. It defines the relationship between Heaven and Earth, our physical and inner selves.

Plato’s Bodies

Our world is a combination of five sacred forms. These forms are known as Plato’s bodies. Every form corresponds to one of the elements: Earth, Fire, Air, Water and Ether. These forms are believed to have the power to open communication channels to the Deity.


It is a three-dimensional symbol of balance and stability. It represents the element of Fire that establishes a balance between the spiritual and the physical. Examples of a tetrahedron are pyramids and crystals of the same shape (for example, hematite). This shape corresponds to the chakras of the Solar Plexus.


This shape is known as a cube. It is a three-dimensional symbol that connects with the energies of nature and the Earth. Therefore, it represents an element of the Earth. Examples are crystals such as aquamarine and apatite. Corresponds to the root chakra.


It is a three-dimensional shape that has self-reflecting features. It is an element of air. Through this form, we can adapt to our inner nature. A real example is the crystals such as magnetite and fluorite. It is associated with the Heart Chakra.


It is a three-dimensional symbol associated with the element of Ether (Spirit). It reminds us of our ability to move away from the physical body and connect with our true nature. This form is associated with the Crown Chakra and the Third Eye Chakra.


It is a three-dimensional symbol. It allows us to express our creativity and express our emotions and thoughts easily. It is associated with water and corresponds to the Sacral Chakra.

How You Can Benefit from the Use of Sacred Geometry

Sacred geometry is an ancient science. Many consider it is the blueprint of the Universe. Nature formed geometric codes that carry a specific frequency, symbolism, and meaning.

Here are the main benefits of using Sacred Geometry:

  • It strengthens the connection with the Universe
  • It has healing properties
  • It helps in manifesting
  • It allows us to acquire ancient wisdom
  • It helps us connect with the spirit world
  • It raises awareness
  • It can guide you
  • It helps you with grounding
  • It enables you to reconnect with your inner self
  • It can help you release suppressed thoughts and emotions
  • It can help you heal traumas
  • It can help in coping with stress and reducing anxiety

If you decide to deepen your knowledge on this subject, you will begin to notice different shapes everywhere around you, especially in architecture and nature.

This ancient science dates back to the past, which means that it contains great wisdom hidden (but also passed down) from generation to generation.

How to Use Sacred Geometry Patterns for Healing and Manifestation

Once you are aware, you will notice that sacred geometry is everywhere around you, in all tangible and intangible things. Many believe it is like a hidden and powerful force that created the world.

Every pattern and symbol carries a frequency that has healing properties aligned with peace, and the evolution of consciousness.

That is how we can connect with divine energy and the spiritual world.

Sacred geometry is an integral part of our body and mind.

For example, a human ear has a spiral shape. Using sacred geometric formations can help us to:

  • strike a balance
  • reconnect with nature
  • reconnect with our spirit
  • heal our mind
  • heal our body
  • establish a more peaceful and fulfilled life
  • establish harmony with ourselves and with the people around us
  • gain access to ancient wisdom
  • connect with divine energy in the most natural way
  • purify our energy field
  • strengthen the connection with the universe

Visualization: One of the simplest ways to use sacred geometry patterns for healing and manifestation is through visualization. By focusing your mind on a specific sacred geometry pattern, such as the flower of life, you can tap into its energetic and vibrational properties. Visualizing the pattern can help to calm your mind, reduce stress, and promote healing.

Meditate with sacred geometry: Another way to use sacred geometry for healing and manifestation is through meditation. You can visualize the sacred geometry pattern while you meditate, or you can focus your attention on a physical representation of the pattern, such as a sacred geometry mandala or crystal. This type of meditation can help to promote inner peace and tranquility, as well as to facilitate manifestation.

Wear sacred geometry jewelry: Jewelry is a beautiful way to bring sacred geometry into your life and to use it for healing and manifestation. Wearing sacred geometry jewelry, such as a pendant or ring, can help to balance and align your personal energy and to attract positive energy into your life.

Decorate your environment with sacred geometry: You can also bring sacred geometry into your environment by incorporating it into your home décor. This can include using sacred geometry patterns in curtains, rugs, pillows, and other textiles, as well as using wall art and sculptures. Decorating your environment with sacred geometry patterns can help to promote balance, harmony, and healing in your space.

Drawing Mandalas

Find the shapes that appeal to you the most and have healing properties. Every day, try to draw them until you perfect them. Keep that mental image throughout the whole day. Keep reminding yourself of that image.


Most crystals are in sacred geometric shapes, which gives them their power and meaning. You can do research and educate yourself about different crystals and their properties.

Most people choose their crystals based on intuition with each crystal having specific energetic concordances. You can learn more about these in my Crystal Reiki course.

You can use crystals in different ways:

  • Put them in a specific shape (it depends on you and your needs which shape it will be) and observe them during the day
  • Use them during meditation
  • You can put them under your pillow while you sleep
  • You can keep them in a bag or wallet and carry them everywhere with you

Sound Healing

When used together, sound healing and sacred geometry can create a powerful synergy that enhances their individual benefits. For example, sound can be used to activate the energy of sacred geometry shapes, amplifying their healing properties.

One way to use sound and sacred geometry together is to create a sacred space with specific shapes and patterns, such as the Flower of Life or the Sri Yantra. Then, using singing bowls, chimes, or other sound instruments, play frequencies that correspond to the specific shapes and patterns. The sound vibrations can help to activate the energy of the sacred geometry, creating a powerful healing and transformational experience.

Another way to use sound and sacred geometry together is through visualization and meditation. By visualizing a specific sacred geometry shape or pattern and then using sound frequencies to focus on that shape, you can create a powerful healing and transformational experience. This can be done through guided meditations or simply by focusing on the sound and shape in a quiet, meditative state.

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