Your Abundance Check-Up

Sacred Money Archetypes® Quiz

This quiz should take you less than 10 minutes.  You will answer each statement with your level of agreement with it (strongly disagree to strongly agree).  Move through the quiz quickly, but as you answer, think of the totality of your life experience.

Answer how you naturally behave and feel when it comes to money – not how you think you "should" be or have been for short periods of time.

Be honest and go with your initial response.

This quiz will reveal your personal Abundance Archetypes to help you align with your strengths and unique abilities to attract abundance.


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I am a generous person, often giving or loaning money to others.
I like calculating the pros and cons of taking a financial risk.
I often find myself coming to the aide of others, financially and otherwise.
I am willing to risk money for a potentially large financial gain.
Despite my best efforts, something often happens to complicate my life financially.
I secretly feel clever or even superior to others about money.
I find myself waiting to be paid because of someone else's needs or reasons.
I like gaining the upper hand with money.