Releasing Your Past

Each year, there are key moments when we feel called to create a fresh start. For me, I find January and September to be pivotal moments.

During those times, you might feel called to declutter your home, adopt a cleaner eating routine, or embrace a new habit that nourishes you. Unfortunately, we all know the statistics of people that are able to truly embrace new ways of being and stay aligned to them long term. Most people have a hard time keeping up the new routines and fall back into old ways.

I believe this is because the energy, memories and beliefs that connect with the aspects of ourselves we are ready to release, are not fully resolved.

Every experience we have can contribute to wisdom we take with us as we move forward – if – we process it completely. Most times, when something significant happens – especially if we view it as negative, our body in an effort to protect us, stores the emotions and energy to be processed later when you are more ready.

So, when we try to jump into new habits to create a new self, our energetic body cannot follow because it has storage that needs to be dealt with first.

Here is a meditation you can use to help you process past storage. Just listen and breathe. If you feel you have some significant work to do, adding essential oils to your meditation routine can align your energetic and physical bodies and help you transition more smoothly and quickly.

One of my favorite oils for helping to process our past is Oregano. Oregano is a strong oil – it is considered a hot oil and is amazing for helping you to break free of toxic attachments.

Sometimes our egoic mind identifies AS our past and untangling yourself from that web can be tricky. Oregano seeks out the energy that is not serving you and adds clarity so you can process the wisdom and release the rest.

If your past has connections with people, Oregano can be wonderful to help any person or memory that is draining you to set you free. Oregano helps to strengthen you so that you are no longer an attractive energy for parasitic relationships.

The way I use Oregano when I am working to release storage or to gain clarity on attachments I am unsure of is usually topically. The belly button can be connected with significant people and memories, so diluting 1 drop of oil with 2 tbsp carrier oil and applying around (not in) the belly button can be powerful. If I find something is sticking around, I dilute Oregano and apply it to my heart center. Diffusing Oregano can also be powerful in your meditation practice.

Below is a meditation you can explore. I hope you find it helpful in releasing what no longer serves you so you focus on your love, wisdom and perfection within.

In addition to the meditation, I find taking time to reflect is powerful. Holding an affirmation within your energy can help to unwind complex tangles of memories, emotions, beliefs and thoughts.

Taking time each morning and evening and diving into some reflection can ensure the processing is complete. I have put together some questions you can reflect on in the morning and evening in the book below as well as affirmations to help you stay aligned.

Please let me know if you find this helpful.

In warmth,

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