Reiki & the Unified Field

Quantum physicists now operate with the understanding that there is a quantum field. This is a dimension of energy where all possibilities exist.

It is the space that electrons appear from, and the stuff our reality is made of. Some people call this universal life force, others call it zero-point energy, others, unified field, the ocean of intelligence and so on.

Newtonian Physics was disregarded long ago when it became clear that we are energy and our world is energy. 99.9 percent of our bodies are energy, with matter making up that last little piece.

We understand now, that our focus is what brings an electron into existence and when our attention moves elsewhere, it shifts back into possibility.

It is believed that we have a large energy field that surrounds us and cycles in both direction from our feet up through our head and outwards as well as in from our head and down through our feet. This shape is known as a Torus.

So, are we using this personal energy in our Reiki sessions? No. There are some energy therapies that use the practitioner’s personal energy, but Reiki does not.

Instead, Reiki taps directly into the universal life force and the practitioner is the conduit. This is why Reiki practitioners are not fatigued after sessions.

Is Reiki energy composed of just energy from the unified field? No. Reiki energy is the universal life force energy that is also connected with the Reiki principles, the teachings that have been passed down and the collective of hundreds of thousands of Reiki practitioners who are conduits for the energy.

Is one variation of the energy better or more powerful than another? No – like a different radio station, they have different frequencies and will appeal to different people depending on their needs.

A Reiki practitioner is able to connect with this energy when they unite their heart and mind to create a resonance within. Like a faucet being turned on, that resonance allows the Reiki energy to flow.

Because this energy is intelligent, the bodymind of the recipient will draw this energy in and use it for the most essential needs at the time. Like a ball of clay that can be molded into anything, the energy is pure potential and can create what is needed to create change.

So, release the thoughts, beliefs, memories and way you see your world and dive into the field of energy. Know that you CAN create a new body, mind and life.

How do we do that? By leaving our stories at the door and going deep into the field where the only thing that exists is awareness. In that space, hold the resonance and intention of your dreams to bring them into reality.

In warmth,


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