Our bodies are in a constant state of regeneration. Cells are created, and then when their utility is lost, die – to make way for new healthy cells. We obtain the energy needed to fuel this renewal from our food, water, the sun and the energy around us.

It is thought that our energetic bodies are generating a torsion field within and around our physical bodies. Your level of consciousness can impact the size of this toroidal field and in essence, you can be a hot spot which can help to power many, many people around you.

An example of this can also occur when individuals unite together and create a coherence through prayer, meditation or intention. Dr. Masuru Emoto demonstrated that water molecules in large bodies of water can be positively impacted by groups holding a positive intention. Since our physical bodies are composed of mostly water, our physical make-up can be significantly impacted by our energy and the energy around us.

If you are feeling like your energy is low, depleted and in need of an infusion or recharge – this crystal grid and essential oil protocol can be powerful for you.

You will notice in the crystal layout that the torsion field is amplified, helping your body to draw in the energy it needs. You can place these crystals around your treatment table or meditation space. You can select the crystals you feel drawn to, and here are some suggestions to help you get started:

Selenite – this is a powerful crystal for cleansing and healing.

Angelite – this crystal connects with the element water and is calming while assisting with renewal.

Moonstone – this stone helps us to realign with the natural rhythms of life.

Red Jasper – this crystal can help to bring in vital energy with the fire element.

Malachite – this green stone can provide you with heart centered energy to complete activities that are aligned with your life purpose.

Essential oils are aromatic compounds extracted from plants. Plants have a very powerful energetic resonance and that resonance infuses the oils. Including essential oil protocols can be a very powerful way to help your body smoothly and swiftly bring in high frequencies. You can diffuse one or more of these oils or use them diluted topically (please make sure you are familiar with essential oil safety).

Here are some essential oils you can explore to increase your energy.

Arborvitae – this grounding oil can help you to draw energy up from the earth while also connecting you with divine energy. This is powerful in helping to balance your field.

Eucalyptus – this is a strong oil you can use to re-establish your sense of wholeness and health.

Basil – this is a beautiful oil you can use to revitalize and renew. Use this oil if you are feeling exhaustion and depletion.

Cilantro is the oil you will include in your protocol to release dissonant energy, beliefs and memories that are impacting your flow of energy.

Fennel – this oil is great if you are feeling like you are being weighed down by the responsibilities of life.

Melaleuca is powerful oil if you are feeling like you are taking on other people’s energy and are not able to hold your own field.

Patchouli can be really helpful in aligning your body with your higher self.

These are starting points and listen to your intuition when choosing the best crystals and oils for you. I would love to hear how your grid and protocol helps you.


  1. Michele Barrette on April 23, 2019 at 3:31 pm

    I don’t have all of those oils , I don’t know if I can order right now maybe later would be good to try.

    • lisapowers on April 24, 2019 at 10:04 pm

      Take the time you need Michele 🙂

  2. Cristen on April 23, 2019 at 7:18 pm

    Hello Lisa, thank you for sharing this essential oil protocol. Would you please share where Basil & Cilantro fit on the Regeneration Grid?

    • lisapowers on April 24, 2019 at 10:04 pm

      Hi Cristen – Basil could be diluted and applied on the mid/lower back and Cilantro over the right side of your abdomen. 🙂

      • Cristen on April 25, 2019 at 8:37 pm

        Thank you so much for your reply! I have been using this protocol since you posted it and it is AMAZING! The first day I used it, I was feeling kind of tired and within minutes of applying these oils I felt like I got a second wind. Thank you for all you do!

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