October Special Offers

We have a lot of exciting new products that have been released this month and some special oils that you can get for free this month that we normally cannot get. So, let’s get started!

Each year at the Global doTERRA convention, new products are released and with this being the ten year anniversary, the new line of essential oils and self-care products are powerful. This month, Turmeric, Copaiba soft-gels, Yarrow/Pom, a Kid’s Collection, Pink Pepper, Green Mandarin, Balance Deodorant, Beautiful Body Spray and Magnolia Touch were released. I love each and every one of these new additions. Join our Free Educational Facebook group to learn more about these.

This month in the US and Canada, you can get a Free Iris Car Diffuser (so cute) as well as three free oils, Red Mandarin, Kumquat and Clementine when you order 200PV or more.

Red Mandarin

This fruit is very sweet compared to other citrus fruits and is commonly eaten peeled and can be added to salads and other foods. It is similar to a tangerine, but is quite a unique fruit and hence essential oil. Like other citurs fruits, Red Mandarin has high amounts of limonene (65-75%) and depending on how it is cultivated and harvested, it can also have gamma-Terpinene (up to 14%).

Gamma-Terpinene can be cleansing and is a nice addition to the skin cleansing properties of limonene. You can also use Red Mandarin in your home as a natural cleaner or diffuse to lift your mood.


Although the Kumquat is similar to a typical orange, it is the size of a large olive. This citrus fruit is different from other citrus essential oils but like other citruses has a high amount of limonene (70-95%). What makes Kumquat unique is that in addition to Limonene, it has 105 other known constituents, 46 of which have not yet been found in any other essential oils. With the Limonene content, Kumquat can be helpful for cleansing and lifting mood. Kumquat has antioxidant properties as well as calming properties.


Clementine is a natural hybrid of mandarin and sweet orange and produces an essential oil that is abundant in limonene and has an array of benefits with a sweet, fresh aroma. Clementine may boost metabolic function. It has also been shown to promote a healthy immune response to support gastrointestinal health.* When needed, you can take one to two drops of Clementine essential oil to help relieve occasional heartburn and indigestion.* Sweeter and more zesty than other citrus oils, diffuse Clementine throughout your home when in need of a fresh, uplifting experience and to help cleanse the air of unwanted smells. Having both aromatic and internal benefits, Clementine may help reduce feelings of anxiousness* and
lift your mood.

You can add a drop or two of Clementine to your drinking water for enhanced flavor and to help improve metabolic
function.* Diffuse throughout your home to create a light and refreshing atmosphere while cleansing the air. Add one drop to your facial cleanser or shampoo to boost cleansing. Incorporate into your home cleaning routine by adding three to four drops of Clementine into your surface cleaners to enhance cleaning power.

If you are excited to get these oils, you can place your 200PV order by clicking here. My favorite starter kits are the Home Essentials Kit or for a complete Home Makeover, the Natural Solutions kit.


This is a great week to join my doTERRA team. Starting October 22nd, is BOGO week. You Buy X and Get Y Free. There are new specials every day. The Holiday items have also been released each week this month and there are some beautiful gifts. Please comment or contact me to get started.

Remember that in addition to these amazing monthly specials, you also get access to education and support as a part of my community. As we enter a busy season, it is so nice to have essential oils at hand to help you balance on all levels. If you are not ready to get a starter kit, you can just start with a wholesale discount membership for $35USD or 20.

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