Learn How Mindfulness, SOUND, BREATH & Mudras Can Help You

Learn how to create a meditation practice that addresses your specific needs.

Learn about mudras, hand gestures that when used help you to access very specific energetic frequencies and states of consciousness. You will also learn how to meditate using sacred sound and breath techniques.

If you are new to meditation, you may be looking for some techniques that will ensure your meditation practice is doing what it is supposed to do which is to help you relax, balance and increase awareness.

In this course you will learn about meditation and mindfulness and how to create a meditation practice that addresses your specific needs. You will learn about mudras, hand gestures that when used help you to access very specific energetic frequencies and states of consciousness.

Learn how to create a meditation practice that helps you to balance your body, mind and spirit

  • Understand the chakra system and learn mudras to balance each chakra
  • Learn about the Ayurvedic elements and which mudras can balance those specific frequencies
  • Explore how doshas are used in Ayurveda and which doshas are prominent in you
  • Discover koshas and how they represent the different aspects of our cosnciousness
  • Create a personalized system that helps you address any element, chakra or dosha you want to work with

what former students are saying

I really enjoyed this course. It was just what I needed! A great introduction to meditation, mindfulness, and mudras.

Listening to both Lisa and Libby in the course is calming, soothing, motivating and inspiring. I look forward to continuing the practice of mediation and mudras.


Are you ready to bring more peace and clarity into your life?

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  • How to use meditation as a way to increase relaxation
  • How to select a mudra or routine of mudras to focus on your particular goals
  • How to perform over 20 different mudras as needed as a part of your meditation practice
  • How to effectively warm up in preparation for meditation and using mudras
  • How to select a mudra based on the kosha, dosha, chakra or element you are wanting to focus on
  • How to discern what aspects of your bodymind that would benefit from using mudras



meditations and resources you can download



First, we will explore meditation and the role it plays in developing your awareness. You will have a look at your life and assess how much stress you have in your life. With that information, you will learn some fundamental ways you can begin releasing stress and anxiety.

You will ensure you have created a space for your meditation practice that helps it to be effective and powerful. You will then learn some advanced meditation techniques to help you access higher planes of consciousness.

Then you will be introduced to mudras, an system of techniques that have been used for thousands of years to access specific energy and consciousness levels. You will learn about their origins and the theories behind their effectiveness.

You will learn how you can select and even create your own mudras to work with imbalances on a physical, mental/emotional and energetic level as well as in your life.

Are you ready to bring more peace and clarity into your life?

$200 US

$47 US

what former students are saying

Very interesting and detailed videos and excellent photographs and handouts on many mudras for everyday use and for specific issues.

A fantastic introduction to meditation and still something for the more experienced meditator. I liked the group meditation work. The mudra meditation mp3 is very useful and is an excellent aide to setting time aside and sticking with the practice.


What a fantastic course, so comprehensive and inspirational!! I cannot recommend it enough 🙂

Both course tutors have a wealth of information and insights that are explained clearly and concisely. The resources just enhance the course to another level. The very fact that I can keep going back over the lessons again and again at my own pace and in my own time, makes the whole process of learning, a joy. Thank you!!


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Libby Seery and Lisa Powers have been teaching and helping others to improve their lives using alternative therapies for decades.

Libby runs a successful practice in London as a psychotherapist, therapuetic counselor and life coach as well as teaching almost thirty courses with Udemy.

Lisa has Kinesiology and Education degrees and also teaches thousands of students each year about wellness and alternative therapies.

Learn How Mindfulness & Mudras Can Help You

$200 US

$47 US


How do I know this is a good fit for me?

The only prerequisite for this course is that you are open to growth. If you are finding skepticism and doubt are weighing you down, take some time and come back when you are ready. If you are ready to create change in your body, mind and life and are open to letting go of some of the beliefs that brought you to that place,  meditation can help you do that.

Is there a deadline that I have to complete this course by?

There is no deadline and you can take the time you need. I am here to answer questions as they rise and you can access the course even after you have completed it. You will also have any new information or updates that are added to the course.

what former students are saying

It taught me much more about meditation than I knew before.

It has been very helpful to my daily meditation practice. Namaste.


I enjoyed this course just as much as the other courses by Lisa Powers. She is an excellent teacher, very knowledgeable and engaging.

Libby Seery was very good as well. I didn't have much experience with mudras, but I wanted to learn more about this topic to strengthen my meditation routine. This course did just that. Very informative and I can't wait to take another class.


Are you ready to bring more peace and clarity into your life?

$200 US

$47 US