Using Moon Cycles for Manifesting

How to use Moon Cycles to Manifest your Dreams

As the energy of the earth and the energy impacting earth (and us) increases in frequency and resonance, I thought it was important to explore how you can align your personal energy with that of the earth – and in this post – specifically the cycles of the moon so that you can be empowered by it rather than feeling at the mercy of it.

In most cases, the way we organize our days are based on societal conditioning. Monday through Friday, we have our workday, we get up at the time school starts or we have to get ready to leave for work. We sleep based on what a clock tells us.

Tuning into our bodies and letting nature guide us can be a much more intuitive way to organize tasks, set and accomplish goals.

Have you noticed that people’s behavior tends to be amplified during a full moon? The moon’s gravitational pull impacts us – specifically the water on our planet and within our bodies. Let’s explore some ways we can use the lunar cycles to empower ourselves each cycle.

Since ancient times many cultures believe that the moon guides us by showing when we are most powerful to manifest positive things into reality. The moon’s monthly lunar cycle consists of four moon phases: new moon, first quarter, full moon, and last quarter. The moon waxes from small to big, increasing in energy and waning back from big to low, decreasing in power each month. You can use the different energy of each phase to set intentions and manifest.

New Moon

Energetically, the new moon is a good time for beginnings. It is the newest phase of the moon as the cycle begins again. As we experience a new moon, we may subconsciously or consciously plant the seeds for new beginnings.

Anything we didn’t put into action during the last moon phase, we can set the intention during the new moon. If you have the same intentions that haven’t manifested yet, you can put them out to the universe anew during the new moon.

The new moon’s beginnings bring us a time to start fresh. You may want to do some cleansing energetically. It’s also a time to set new goals based on the results from the last moon phases. This time of renewal is an excellent time to ask the universe for guidance in your life path and direction.

Purification during the New Moon

You may wish to clear your spaces and yourself during a new moon. I love to smudge with Sage, and diffuse Lemon Eucalyptus, or Lemongrass and Siberian Fir. I perform a Reiki session on my home and revisit how my crystals are placed throughout my space. Typically, for clearing myself, I use Oregano essential oil (hot oil – diluted), Frankincense and Lemongrass. Once you feel clear, you can set your intentions.

You can also draw a bath to cleanse yourself of any energy from the day before beginning your new moon intention setting. Use Epsom Salts with Lavender essential oil (or your favorite oil) to align with your heart energy. During the bath, focus on soothing meditation music or meditate to relax and open yourself to the manifesting ritual.

One of the best new moon rituals is to write your intentions. Intentions are similar to goals and prayers. They are what you want to create in your life. We call this a ritual because it is a routine imbued with sacredness and soulful importance.

Can You Set Your New Moon Intentions During the Day?

Yes, at the time the new moon arrives, you have 1-2 days to set your intentions inside of its energy.

Even if you set your intentions during the day, the moon is still present in the universe, even if you cannot see it.

Do You Have to Burn New Moon Intentions?

No, just like with any goals, you may want to refer back to them during the waning moon reflection phase. You can burn them if you feel called to, however, it isn’t necessary. If you are writing what you want to let go of, this is a good time to burn the intentions to psychologically tell your subconscious to let go of what you intend.

The new moon is an excellent time to connect with your dreams again. If you feel that you’ve neglected them, the new moon is the time to move forward again. Think about what goals you wish to set and set those intentions during the new moon phase.

What is an Intention?

An intention is simply a prayer or desire. The way you state it is to receive it as well. Many people write intentions in “I Am.”

By writing intentions this way means they start them with, “I am,” or “I want,” or other “I” based phrases. It becomes a request for something you want from the universe.

What Do You Need to Write Intentions?

First, a dedicated notebook or journal to write your intentions is helpful. It is best to have one that is solely committed to your intentions so that you can also track them in it. The second thing you need is a quiet area to write. When writing them, you want to put your energy into what you are writing. By focusing on what you are writing, this helps your intention come to pass. You can also choose to play music, connect with some crystals, or diffuse essential oils.

How to Write an Intention

Here are a few guidelines on how to write an intention for the most positive effects.

  1. Write in the “I am”

Writing in the “I am” allows you to clearly state the intention as if you are receiving it or actively doing it. By speaking in the “I am,” you bypass any “asking” or “pleading” from the universe, God, or whoever you believe.

If we are in a state of asking or pleading the universe for something to happen, it creates a lower level of energy that comes from a scarcity state of being. When you write it in the “I am,” you are boldly and confidently stating that what you are asking for is going to happen. It is an approach the universe then opens up a path for you to allow it to come into reality.

  1. Write one desire per intention

If you stack too many desires in your intention statements, your energy around each intention is weakened. Instead, write one thing you want in one statement. If you want something else, write it in another sentence. Keep it short and to the point, focused only on one desire.

  1. Make it a believable intention

If you desire to have a specific amount of money or person in your life, check to be sure you truly believe it is possible for you to achieve it. For instance, asking to be drafted to your local professional basketball team when you haven’t played in 10 years may be specific, but not believable. In some cases, what we think we want will not actually elicit the feelings we truly desire, keep your intention statement open to receiving what you truly want.

Examples of Intention Statements

Here are a few examples of intention statements you can use to write your own.


  • I am receiving committed love from my soul mate
  • My relationship with (enter name) is healed and full of love


  • I am manifesting a higher income in my career doing what I love to do
  • I am open to receive more clarity to allow myself to manifest more income in my business


  • I am receiving streams of money and joy in my business
  • I am opening to receiving guidance from the universe in my next steps


  • I am radiating love and healing for myself and those around me
  • I am open to loving myself fully and allowing myself to heal

New Moon Ritual

The new moon is when the moon and sun are together. New moons, spiritually speaking, are about new beginnings, planting new seeds, and releasing anything that is no longer serving you.

  1. Setting your intention with the new moon could consist of a candle, paper, and pen.
  2. Ground and center yourself.
  3. Tune into yourself and ask yourself what you want to manifest.
  4. Write down what you are ready to manifest.
  5. Place in a safe space until the full moon.

The new moon is the best time to manifest what you want as you begin the cycle of the moon’s phases. During the new moon, you can plant the seeds for what you want to manifest. It will likely take time, and by the time the moon reaches its fullest point, you can begin to see the fruition of the seeds you planted start to come to life.

Create a Sacred Space

After you’ve finished the new moon manifesting ritual, create a sacred space to place your list under your favorite crystal or orgonite pyramid. You may also wish to add a drop of Litsea (manifestation), Green Mandarin (potential) or Wild Orange (abundance) to your paper to amplify your intentions. Here is a list of crystals you can use to aid in manifesting what you want:

  • Rose Quartz – Love, peace, healing, release of trauma
  • White Quartz – Healing, mindset, release of negative emotions
  • Malachite – Finances, money, abundance, wealth
  • Turquoise – Healing of trauma, finances, money, wealth
  • Lapis Lazuli – Abundance, speaking, clearing of the Throat chakra, leadership, motivation
  • Tiger’s Eye – Release of negative energy, abundance, protection
  • Amethyst – Protection, psychic abilities, peace, tranquility

First Quarter

As the new moon waxes away from the sun and grows more prominent in the night sky, it comes into a first-quarter square to the sun. In astrology, a square is a 90-degree angle creating a right-sided crescent moon.

The first quarter is the moon phase that starts to increase energy and illuminates any contrast that may be challenging the new seed planted during the new moon ritual. During this time, allow any dissonance or obstacles to your desires to come up so that they can be transmuted. I love using Black Pepper, Cypress and Copaiba to help me see the energy within myself that is not in alignment with my vision.

Full Moon

The full moon is when the moon and sun are the opposite of each other. The moon rises after the sun sets. The sun sends light, energizing the full moon potential to manifest the full moon completion of the new moon desires.

A full moon ritual can consist of going outdoors and allowing your body to connect with the full moon energy. Manifesting with the full moon’s energy will bring it into fruition like the moons gravitational pull.

You can take advantage of the full moon’s energy and power to increase your ability to manifest what you want. The moon is at its most potent energy during a full moon.

How Long Do You Have to Manifest Under a Full Moon?

The moon has the fastest orbit and only stays in one sign and one phase for a few days. When the moon turns full, it lasts for up to three days. You will want to check a moon calendar to determine the time the moon goes full in your time zone. You can choose to start your full moon manifesting ritual when it goes full or anytime within those three days.

How Do You Complete a Full Moon Ritual?

One thing to know is that there is truly no right or wrong way to perform a full moon ritual. Here are some steps you may wish to explore when manifesting with the full moon.

  1. Connect with water – Take a shower or bath

Because the full moon is a highly charged time of releasing and letting go, you’ll want to start with cleansing. Taking a shower or bath with Epsom Salts and some essential oils helps release any stuck energy and emotions. Imagine any heavy energy and emotions going out of your body and down the drain.

  1. Create a calm and peaceful spot to manifest in

You can choose to light a candle, diffuse some oils, or bring some crystals that you love. You can also choose to play music or a guided meditation to help you during your manifestation time. Make sure you have a journal and any other items you need during your full moon manifesting.

  1. Connect with the Full Moon Energy

“Dear universe, I ask that you cleanse my space and open it to receive the full blessing and energy of the moon. Moon, I invite you to be a witness to my intentions to manifest them in the highest potential energy for myself and others. Thank you.”

  1. Write your gratitude

During the full moon, it is time to be fully present with your life as it is now. Giving thanks for all that you have is a beautiful way to ease into manifesting under the full moon. The energy of gratitude will naturally open your heart to receiving.

  1. Set your intentions

Get a journal and write your intentions in the journal. You can choose to make a list or write them down as if you are talking with the universe in your journal. You aren’t limited to what you can ask. If you have intentions in a variety of life areas like love and relationships, money and finances, job, and career, be sure to write all of them down.

Here are a few sample intentions to get you started:

  • I am receiving abundance and prosperity from the universe
  • I am letting go of past hurts and allowing in love
  • I am manifesting my true soul mate for long term love
  • I am manifesting my soul’s calling for an impactful, financially supportive career
  • I want to receive a spiritual blessing from the universe to step forward in my career

After performing your full moon manifesting ritual, be sure to cleanse your space again. Then keep track of what you manifest.

Last Quarter

As the full moon wanes away from the sun and grows smaller in the night sky, it comes into the last quarter square to the sun and creates the left sides crescent moon. This moon phase starts to decrease the energy, and it calls us inward to release any emotions that hindering full moon manifestations to fruition.

Each month there is an opportunity to tap into the moon’s energy to manifest any desire no matter how big or small. You can start by being mindful of how your energy shifts with the lunar cycle and over time create your own sacred ceremony where you honor your dreams and release them for the universe to help you manifest them into your life.

I hope you found this helpful,



  1. Samantha Wells on November 28, 2020 at 4:51 pm

    Thank you Lisa for sharing the ways to manifestation desires during the different stages of the moon. I love taking the time to do this but sometimes I let the business of life get in the way. This has been a beautiful reminder to me as the full moon approaches. I like how the smell of essential oils are scent reminders throughout the month to remind me of what I’m manifesting in to my life so I can see the synchronicity and take action when opportunities arise that will help me on my path.

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