Wellness Tailored for you

Having a healthy lifestyle with benefits

Sharing what you love is natural and simple, so you need to explore the oils and experience your own miracles that you can share with others.

Place a 100PV LRP order (or higher) in the month to receive commissions.

Reward yourself for making healthy choices

With your wholesale membership, you receive 25% off. When you join the Loyalty Rewards Program, you can enjoy an additional 10%-30% back plus your shipping and free oils.

You can change the items you order each month

You can change the date you ship each month

To maintain your discount, you can just order one item in the month

You can cancel at any time

So many benefits for choosing the healthiest options.

All while making a positive difference in the world.

My Membership Perks
Wellness box

Simplify Your Life

  • Every month, you select what items you want.

  • You receive 10%-30% back in points you can use for free products.

  • You get your shipping back in points too.

  • If you order over 125 points in a month, you get a free oil and some months have extra free oils.

Choose clean products that you already purchase elsewhere to be shipped right to your door that will uplevel your spirit and save you time and money.

How to get started

You can set up your Loyalty Rewards Program by:

1. Login to your doTERRA shop
2. Click Create New LRP
3. Add the items you want
4. Choose when you want them shipped (now or later)
5. Make note of your ship date so you can add what you need before then each month.

If you have not visited your doTERRA shop yet, click here for instructions.

Getting started on the loyalty rewards program


Subscription box ideas

Shifting Your Focus - Saving your body, wallet and world

Take a moment and think about the things you already purchase. Hand and body soap, shampoo/conditioner, household cleaners, skin care products and more.

Are your products clean?

Do they support your body and immune system?

Do you receive up to 30% back for future items?

Are you helping make the world a better place?

Are your items delivered straight to your door?

Do you get any shipping costs back to you?

Click here to download a sheet where you can see how much you would save.


If you have any questions, please ask. You can email info@lisapowers.co or visit our facebook group.


As an Advocate, place a 100PV LRP order to receive your commissions.

  • Some Advocates as they are starting out will place customer orders on their account.
  • Others will just switch items they are already purchasing elsewhere to doTERRA (skincare, supplements, home products)
  • Some Advocates will use that order to purchase samples etc. to reinvest in their business.

    Remember that this overhead is minimal compared with others businesses. doTERRA provides your customers with a research backed product, customer service, shipping etc. and provide you with training and marketing materials. Such a tremendous value you will not find in any other business model.