Lift-Off Crystal Grid & Essential Oils

This grid is light and aligning with it creates a sense of freedom and possibility. Last month was a little heavier energetically as we mustered up the power necessary to launch into a new way of being. Now that we have our core prepared, we are lifting off!

This grid is centered around a Clear Crystal Quartz generator which serves to power and amplify our intentions.

2 Amethyst Points anchor the North and South of this grid, helping us stay true to ourselves as we embark on this journey.

Ametrine stones surround, helping us to disconnect from those people, behaviors, memories and energy that are not serving us while feeling free, focused and inspired.

Clear quartz is also interspersed to continue the amplification and high resonance of this grid. Let these stones take you into a higher state of awareness.

Apophyllite points surround the flower of life grid with a focus on dissipating any energetic debris that is not resonant with you while providing calm and encouraging productivity as you continue on your journey.

Take some time with this grid. Breathe, allow your eyes to soften and draw Reiki energy in. Feel the energy the grid emanates and allow your energy to sync. Continue to breathe.

To take your meditation to the next level, bring essential oils into your practice to anchor this energetic signature. Like crystals, each oil has a powerful energetic signature you can use to help you shift your energetic body and level of awareness.

This Lift-Off essential oil diffuser blend can help lift your energy so that movement towards your dreams is effortless.

Peppermint essential oil is wonderful for bringing in clarity and optimism and releasing the low, dissonant energy. With Peppermint, you are in the flow.

Tangerine brings a smile to our heart, while giving us the freedom and inspiration to create with joy.

Clary Sage brings clarity and openness so that we can access our intuition and the energetic gifts we have.

I hope you find these helpful. I would love to hear the shifts you experience.

In warmth (with some Lavender love),


P.S. Here are the high vibe essential oils I love. If you are wanting to learn more about crystals, click here.

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