Inviting Abundance


Money is a form of energy. Let’s make sure we are open to receiving and giving in a balanced way

Arborvitae – helps us to connect with Divine energy and trust the process. Have you ever heard, a closed hand cannot receive? Arborvitae helps us open up, knowing we are cared for.

Wintergreen helps that process of surrendering. Life flows through us and when we surrender to that powerful current, the ride is much smoother and easier. In that place of flow, we see opportunities that will bring abundance into our lives.

Marjoram helps us to make connections. By connecting with others and your environment, you will be creating ways that abundance will come to you.

Black Pepper will unmask any beliefs, memories or energy that is holding you back from accepting abundance. Sometimes we don’t feel worthy of abundance when it is our birthright. You doing well does not take away from anyone else. Black Pepper reveals the falsehoods.

Lemongrass will help you to clear away those beliefs, memories and energy so you have a clean slate moving forward.

With that fresh and clear perspective, Wild Orange will bring in all the abundance you are ready for.

Hope you find this helpful Wishing you much love, light and abundance.

P.S. Wild Orange is photosensitive so please do not expose skin where it has been applied to, to sun for up to 18 hours.


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