How to Use Essential Oil Oracle Cards

I created these cards as a way to help you use your intuition to connect you with the essential oils and resonance that will serve you best. You might be needing:

  • clarity on a specific situation such as starting a business or leaving your current work
  • guidance around your relationship
  • support in setting goals, unleashing your creativity etc.
  • focus for the day, week, month, year

I love to use my cards at the start of my day to set a focus for my day. I also use them when I am goal setting to provide inspiration. If I am unsure about my next step, I use the cards to gain clarity. I also find using the cards with clients to be very helpful in connecting them with the best oils for their life situation.

The first thing you will want to do is decide what your intention is. You will solidify that in your mind. It could be: What do I need to release this anger? for example.

You will then hold the cards with that intention in mind. You will shuffle them and then select one or more cards. If you are starting out with essential oils, I would limit your selection to between 1-3. Once you get more familiar with blending, up to 10 cards for a reading can be helpful.

Each card has many messages to convey to you.

1. The Focus Word at the top of the card. This word holds resonance you will want to align with to help find resolution.

2. The Trigger Statement. This can connect with falseness that your ego is trying to convince you of.

3. The True Statement. This is a message from your higher self.

4. The Chakra. This can give you some insight into one of the chakras that could be connected to the situation.

Once you have drawn your card, pull the essential oil listed and connect with it (aromatically or topically according to safety guidelines). You will then spend time with the card and connect with each of the messages and the oil.

If you have purchased a set of Essential Oil Oracle Cards already, please make sure you visit the link in the guidebook to download your free Guided Meditation you can use with your cards as well as a blends translation sheet.

Spend at least 10 minutes if you can in quiet contemplation. When you are finished, set the intention that you are open to receiving messages throughout your day that will provide further resolution to the situation.

If you have any questions, please ask.

In warmth,


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