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Healthy Start Kit

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Option 1: The Healthy Start Kit has the top 10 oils we explored in our workshop plus the Brevi diffuser so you can start using your oils right away.

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Option 2: The Healthy Home Kit has the top 10 oils in big bottles plus the On Guard line for your personal care and home to create a healthier lifestyle.
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Healthy home kit
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Additional classes that focus on immune system support, digestive health, essential oils for stress and many more.

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Help yourself and those you love without having to examine the paragraphs of side effects.

Clean your home without needing to wear gloves or air your space out afterwards.

Wake up knowing that you are being proactive and are in control of your health.


Just as you are careful with the food and water you consume, you need to be mindful of the quality of oils you use. doTERRA is only available through Advocates such as myself. Most online retailers are selling perfumes - not therapeutic essential oils. doTERRA performs various types of testing (7) on numerous occasions from the time the plant is harvested to the oil in the bottle before it is shipped to you to ensure you are getting a pure beyond organic unadulterated oil.