How to Clean with Essential Oils

Essential oils are a wonderful way to support your body, mind and spirit. Another way they can be very powerful is by using them to replace chamical laden cleaners in your home. Not only are they less irritating to our respiratory and immune systems, they can actually support them as well as our nervous system. Reducing the toxic load while providing you and yours with extra support is a win-win in my humble opinion.

My husband used to love his anti-bacterial soaps and cleaners. After he made his way through our home, I would need to open the windows because the smell was so pungent (and not pleasant for me at all). Despite having him read the warning labels as well as showing him how harmful some of the ingredients in those products were, he felt compelled to use them. Once we had children, my push to use the natural cleaning products I preferred grew stronger and he took notice. I showed him instances where essential oils like the On Guard blend were more powerful than his high tox cleaners and now I am relieved when I walk into the kitchen and smell essential oils.

By replacing some of your household products like cleaning solutions with natural options, you give your body a break from the toxins it is exposed to in the air and through your skin. When your immune system is not busy flushing those toxins out, it can spend more time and energy on repairing and regenerating.

The all in one essential oil cleaner I use is the On Guard Cleaner concentrate. I put a couple cap fulls in a glass bottle with water and voila! I use this in my bathrooms and kitchen as well as to sanitize doorknobs etc. It smells wonderful and has the On Guard essential oil blend which is so great for keeping germs at bay.

If you have time and want to add to your natural cleaning supplies, here are some simple and wonderful recipes.

Now that we shifted to using natural cleaning products with essential oils, our bodies, wallets and my closet are thanking us. We feel better, save money and no longer need the bins and bins of supplies that we used to have.

I hope you have found this helpful. Please click here or on the image below to get your own FREE 27 page Cleaning with Essential Oils Guide.

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