How to Ask Your Angels for Guidance

How to ask your angels for help

I had been struggling a bit. Nothing seemed to be flowing and I felt like I was efforting to create in my life (which we know is not effective). I had a friend gift an energetic reading to me and the first thing the Intuitive said was – “Your Guides are here with you.”

I have been told this before so I acknowledged it. She then said, “they are telling me that they would love to help you, but you need to ask for help first.

That made me pause. How long had it been since I had asked for help? Whether it was a combination of feeling my needs were not as important as others, or feeling I should be able to create my dreams on my own – it had been a long time since I had asked for help from those that walk with me.

Just as we have used symbols throughout the ages to connect with specific energy, Angels are also energetic beings that hold a specific resonance.

We need to remember that we are connected with everything and nothing exists outside of ourselves, so technically – the energy of an angel or symbol are just specific resonances within you that you are calling forth.

Although the energy is connected to you always, setting a conscious intention to ask for help from your Angels, or specific Angels can be powerful.

How to connect with angels

How to Ask Your Angels for Help

There are a few different things that you can do to ask your Angels for any help you need. Some ways to help you get started are:

  1. Take some time to connect with your angels. It can be in a quiet space, or in the middle of doing the laundry, at work, or anywhere it comes to mind. You can ask your Angels for help at any time. Being in a space where you can relax uninterrupted will help you to receive any messages you are meant to know.
  2. Hold the intention of connecting with your Angels so you can receive their guidance. When you hold this intention, you are giving your Angels permission to assist and intervene, as necessary.
  3. You can ask them to let you know they are near with a sign. Everyone experiences the signs differently. Some people see specific numbers, others see images of Angels in nature or around them, some find feathers in random places. See what your signs are.
  4. Tell your Angels anything that you are experiencing in your life that you feel you need help with. Talk with them as you would talk with a trusted friend. Remember that they have your highest good in their hearts.
  5. You must trust that your Angels are always listening. They already have insight into your fears and what is worrying you. They are there to help. But you must ask them for this first. Otherwise, they will not step in to help.
  6. You can ask your Angels for any assistance, guidance, and help that you need with a specific life problem right now. You can ask specific questions to help get the guidance that you want.
  7. After asking a specific question, take notice of the feelings and thoughts that come to you. These will be the hints that you need about what directions you should take in life. Give yourself time to listen.
  8. Divide guidance can come in many different forms. Sometimes it is an idea, sometimes thought, and other times it is motivation to a different action. Think of these in a new light, as a prompting from your angel to answer your prayers. Open up to the possibilities.
  9. You should not get lost in the “how” of the request and how the angel will answer you. Just trust that you will know the right answer at the right time.
how your angels can help you

In some cases, you may need to take this time to ask your angel to show you some of the future outcomes of the different options you are considering. There are often several options or timelines you need to choose from in life. Knowing the future outcomes can make life a little easier. When doing this method, you will want to be in a quiet place. This will help you understand what your Angel is saying without any outside influence.

Now, I often ask for help, guidance and support and I am always grateful and sometimes happily surprised with the energy and flow in my life afterwards.

Your Angels are here to help you with many different situations in life. You always have your personal free will. But if you speak with your Angels and are willing to ask them for some guidance, they will be there to help. The answer may not always appear the way you were expecting, but no matter which form it takes trust that you will know the best path to take.

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