Want to Help Others Walk the Path of Awareness and Enlightenment... as a Consciousness Based Energy Medicine Practitioner?

Become a Licensed HelioSol Practitioner and help clients work with the root cause of imbalances in a non-invasive and empowering way using their natural inner-healing forces to shift their perspective on life, release stress, and effect change at all levels.

You are here ON purpose and FOR a purpose

If you’re like most of the seekers who find me you…

✔ Have likely already experienced energy work

✔ Enjoy the place where science and spirituality meet

✔ Feel comfortable exploring the intellectual and esoteric sides of energy medicine

✔ Feel called to help others and do something greater in your life

You know there is more to life than what your eyes can see and you’re probably here because you want to:

✨Practice a heart-centered modality that can help both you and others

✨Stop treating symptoms and start working on the root of imbalances

✨Be a positive force in the world

✨Make a difference in your life and the life of others


There is no better time to bring that to life than right now

Imagine if you could…


  • Harness the body’s natural healing powers to effect positive change in someone’s life (including your own!)
  • Shift an individual’s perspective on life and reduce stress levels– naturally (non-invasive and drug-free!)
  • Bring about remarkable changes in people’s lives such as health, abundance, relationships, and careers (from anywhere!)
  • Create a wellness practice that people are seeking as part of natural health care (and start making a difference!)

I want you to know all of that is possible!

When I started my 25 year journey of alternative health and wellness, I was desperate to shift the imbalances in my body, mind and spirit.


Since then, I’ve used the tools I learned to build a successful energy medicine practice and have taught over 170,000 students.


Now, I’m sharing my framework and system to help you build your own consciousness based energy medicine practice. Become a Licensed HelioSol Practitioner to help yourself and others create healing in their body, mind and spirit.


HelioSol Practitioner Program

This 20-week online program is designed for energy healing seekers who want to practice consciousness based energy medicine as a Licensed HelioSol Practitioner so they can help themselves and others heal in body, mind and spirit.

You will:

  • Learn how to help clients get to the root of the imbalances causing unhappiness and illness in a simple, effective, non-invasive, and empowering way for lasting change.
  • Be able to help clients achieve their fullest potential using the latest findings in healing science and ancient philosophical wisdom to teach both theoretical concepts and practical skills.
  • Embrace a non-invasive, drug-free system that incorporates a blend of eastern and western philosophies to improve wellbeing by harnessing the body’s natural healing powers.
  • Identify the underlying cause of a symptom and use frequencies to release attachments and restore the intended vibrations of the affected structures.
  • Use frequencies to counterbalance the root causes and stimulate self-healing abilities in animals and plants to thrive harmoniously within their environment.
  • Create a new wellness practice that people are seeking as a part of natural health care that you can do from anywhere– in-person or virtually.
  • Discover how to tailor each session to your client so you are working with the root imbalance and addressing it in the way the client’s body and mind want and need.
  • Know how to build a thriving business, attract clients, and set up your practice using best practices and systems.

what former students are saying

Here’s why you’ll love it…

We break down complex concepts into bite-sized pieces so that you can work with clients at the deepest level in a simple, but effective way.

Learn the framework that will allow you to conduct effective sessions designed specifically for each client’s unique needs.

Join an aligned community of practitioners who authentically practice the work in their own lives as well as with others.

Get unlimited access to bi-weekly calls for instructor demonstrations, practice, and to get all of your questions answered.

Foundational AgapeMind

Here is an overview of what you will learn inside of the HelioSol program.

Foundational AgapeMind

  • The secret of success is in your mind powered by your heart; gain mental tools that could change your life almost immediately.
  • Discover how to consciously direct the process to change what has been manifested in life that you are unhappy with.
  • Learn how to use the Retreat in daily life for personal growth and well-being and when working therapeutically with a client.

Foundational Philosophy

  • Appreciate the design and functional approach that the system takes for supporting the inborn healing ability and potential for change that everyone possesses.
  • Understand the world view the system is based on and the relationship of “Atman/Soul/Spirit” to “Absolute/Universal Consciousness/Zero-Point field”.
  • Learn tools you can use in sessions such as vertical thinking and circle thinking.
HelioSol Foundational Philosophy
Foundational HelioSol Technique

Foundational HelioSol Technique

  • Discover how to perform this stand-alone, self-help, self-healing tool to feel better and manifest a healthier and more fulfilling life on yourself and others (including animals and even plants).
  • Learn how using this technique begins a transformational process of moving one’s personal consciousness towards remembering its universal consciousness.
  • Incorporate the Emergency Care Template when confronted by an emergency to help stabilize the situation.

Foundational Concerns and Concepts

  • Understand the subconscious, subsubconscious and multilevel concerns your client presents.
  • Learn how Chakras, Meridians, Meridian Cock, Microcosmic Orbit and more affect organs, systems and more.
  • Discover how to go deeper to ascertain the client’s attachments to beliefs that act as triggers for creating imbalances in the bodymind or life in general.
Foundational Concerns & Concepts
Foundational Templates

Foundational Templates

  • Discover how to access information from a client’s hologram, use the Healing Wheel and Master Chart, and interpret information on the Health Intake Form.
  • Learn how to receive biofeedback from a client, conduct a basic range of motion test, and conduct sessions at distance.
  • Realize the importance of working with clients from a place of integrity and compassion and the importance of receiving written consent as well as energetically.

Foundational Practical Application

  • Discover a wealth of templates that will result in the client’s innate healing abilities taking over and making improvements in their illness, symptoms, or life circumstances.
  • These plug and play energetic networks will help the client's bodymind to restore, renew and regenerate as it is meant to.
Foundational Practical Application
Art of Practice

Art of Practice

  • Learn the basic principles for setting up a clinical practice: creating the clinical space, personal presentation, keeping records, basic accounting principles.
  • Discover how to attract clients, including how to market and what strategies work and don’t work for energy therapy practitioners.
  • Find out the legal obligations, licensing requirements, and the importance of general liability and professional insurance.
  • Establish professional and personal code of ethics and how to set up personal boundaries.

Plus you’ll get these bonuses!

Using Moon Cycles to Build Your Business Guide

Use lunar cycles to support your successful HelioSol practice so that you can harness the energy of the moon to create a natural and powerful flow for your business.

(Value: $99)


Social Media Bootcamp

Everything you need to start sharing your heart-centered wellness business with the world.

(Value: $2,000)

Business Balancing Session

Recorded AgapeMind session for your HelioSol practice so you can ensure the energy of your practice is balanced at all times.

(Value: $150)


Bi-weekly coaching calls

Unlimited access to bi-weekly calls for questions, instructor demos, and practice

(Value: $5,000)

Downloadable Session Binder Content

Condensed binder notes and charts for your sessions so you have everything you need at your fingertips.

(Value: $49)



Successful Practitioner Bundle

Downloadable Intake and Consent Forms for your Practice as well as marketing materials to help you connect with new clients.

(Value: $500)

Clear Your Abundance Blocks Toolkit

Recorded session, meditation and guides to help you ensure any limiting beliefs around abundance and wealth are cleared so you can help as many people as you wish in your practice and receive abundant compensation for that.

(Value: $499)

Supercharge Your Intuition Session

This bonus will help you harness your intuitive powers during your HelioSol sessions

(Value: $150)

Online Community

Unlimited 24/7 community access to connect with like-minded practitioners to ask for feedback and to grow together

(Value: $2,000)



Bonuses Total Value = $10,447


Our satisfaction guarantee…

It’s important to me that you are perfectly aligned with what I teach.


That’s why I have a 100% back 14-day refund policy.


If you find that HelioSol Practitioner Program isn’t right for you, all you have to do is contact me within the first 14 days and I’ll issue a full refund.

what former students are saying

Here’s what makes the HelioSol Practitioner Program unique…


As a certified teacher with 25 years of knowledge and experience, teaching over 170,000 students in the energy medicine space, I break down complex concepts into easy to follow and understand bite-sized nuggets.


This program will license you as a HelioSol Practitioner so you can work with clients and teaches you how to start your own practice. It is also a meaningful journey of self-development.


Bridging quantum physics and ancient techniques, the HelioSol Practitioner Program teaches you how to work at the deepest level with your clients in a simple, but effective way.


You’ll learn how go beyond treating the symptoms and how to get to the root of your clients’ imbalances so they can have powerful and lasting change!

Headshot of Lisa Powers


Hi, I’m Lisa, and I live my passion by teaching natural wellness and consciousness-based healing to tens of thousands of students to help them find more peace and balance and make a positive difference in the world.

I have Bachelor degrees in Kinesiology and Education, but after graduation I continued to seek out ways to improve my health and personal growth and to help others do the same.

Every year, I am more aware of the need for healthcare that addresses the entire bodymind and the root cause of imbalance.

Twenty plus years and 170,000 students later, I get to share everything I’ve learned to help you on your journey and support you in the best way I know how: combining the best of health and wellness to help your mind, body, and spirit.

I know there is a magical and miraculous side of life that we are here to explore, and I can’t wait to guide you on your journey to becoming a licensed HelioSol Practitioner.

what former students are saying

Questions you might have…

If you:

  • Feel called to do something greater with your life
  • Know there is more to life than what your eye can see
  • Want to be a positive force in the world
  • Are ready to stop treating symptoms and start working with the root of imbalances
  • Want to practice a modality that is heart-centered and helps not only your clients, but also your self

Then HelioSol is right for you!

Enrollment for Helio-Sol Practitioner Program ends in…


Here’s a reminder of everything inside…

7 Recorded Modules that lead to licensure as a HelioSol Practitioner

Bonus 1: Coaching

Bonus 2: Community

Bonus 3: Using Moon Cycles to Build Your Business Guide and Audio of Recorded AgapeMind Session

Bonus 4: Successful Practitioner Bundle

Bonus 5: Social Media Bootcamp

Bonus 6: Downloadable Session Binder Content

Bonus 7: Supercharge Your Intuition Session

Bonus 8: Clear Your Abundance Blocks Toolkit


Total Value = $19,947

Your investment only $1455 (regularly $1955, you're saving $500)

HelioSol Practitioner Program

It’s decision time…

As you consider becoming a HelioSol Practitioner, I encourage you to think about what a heart-centered practice could look and feel like.

Imagine being able to..

  • Help people release stressful emotional attachments to beliefs so they can lead a happier, healthier life
  • Have practical skills that allow you to adapt sessions to the unique needs of each client
  • Use a drug-free, non-invasive system that harnesses the body’s natural healing powers
  • Enable clients to shift their perspective on life and effect change in their health, abundance, relationships, and careers
  • Establish the root cause of your clients unhappiness and illness and raise or lower frequencies to address imbalance
  • Use frequencies to counterbalance the root causes and stimulate self-healing abilities in animals and plants to thrive harmoniously within their environment
  • Use these same techniques on yourself for a more balanced body, mind and spirit
Headshot of Lisa Powers

A Final Note

Now, more than ever is the time to lift our vibration and consciousness. This heart-centered modality is a path to help us do that.

Are you ready to start and grow your own energy healing practice in a way that aligns with your vision and values?

I ask you to listen to your intuition and do what feels right in your heart.

I’m waiting for you inside of the HelioSol Practitioner Program if it’s right for you.

Lisa Powers