Free Oils in October

I know I say this often, but these monthly free oils always seem to be THE ones I am in need of ?

This month, if you place a 200PV order (like the Home Essentials Kit above), you get a bottle of Copaiba softgels, a bottle of Copaiba essential oil and a bottle of Yellow Mandarin.

Energetically, Copaiba helps us to dig deep and unearth stored energy that has been hidden. This can be from traumatic experiences, those from childhood and even those we have brought into this world to heal from others. Once brought to light, this energy can be resolved so you are free.

Physically, Copaiba is often favorably compared with CBD oil because of it’s support for the nervous system and how effective it is at supporting us when we are experiencing discomfort.

When taken internally, Copaiba provides whole body support, helping your body to find balance. Applied topically, Copaiba can support specific areas of your body that are in need. I also created a manifesting blend this month with it.

Yellow Mandarin is an oil not available for sale. The line of oils I use will only sell an essential oil if they are able to farm and harvest the plants in a sustainable way that supports Mother Earth and if it meets the highest quality standards available so what you are getting is a pure and potent oil.

Yellow Mandarin on an energetic level can fuel our ability to see the possibilities around us, while empowering us to dive in and explore.

On a physical level, Yellow Mandarin also supports our nervous system and can also be used topically, aromatically or internally (only this line of oils). This oil is photosensitive so skin with the oil on it needs to be out of the sun for 12-18 hours.

Together, you have a powerhouse to help you find comfort and see the miracles that are all around you.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do ?

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