Forgiveness, Cleansing & Enlightenment

Dear Soul?

How are you doing? Slowly we are adjusting to new rhythms and I thought it would be helpful to spend a little time in reflection together.

I pulled some cards to bring some focus to the energetic shifts we are experiencing. My intention is that as you read this, you will experience some of the light and love connected with this message – a distance energy session of sorts.

Take a moment now to center yourself. Draw in a few deep breaths. Soften your eyes and allow your body to relax.

Past/Mind/Background – Forgiveness

This reminds us that we need to forgive ourselves and others for our past ways of being. As we learn and grow, we evolve and our awareness is heightened. By forgiving and moving into the present, free from energy and memories that bring us down, we open space up for even more growth and learning.

Make a list of 5 or more people that you need to forgive. Meditate or perform a Reiki session on yourself. In meditation, you can connect with the person and say everything you have always wanted to say. Then, open your heart and forgive. Wait until you feel all of the energy has cleared, then finish your meditation. In your Reiki session, use yourself as a surrogate for your relationship with the person and complete the session. Your eyes are the way you both perceive yourselves in your relationship, your legs are the way you both can move forward in your relationship. Your arms are the way in which you both give and receive in your relationship. Each part of you as it balances, will balance those aspects of your relationship.

To amplify the shifts, I love to bring my essential oils into the mix. The Forgive blend is amazing for helping you to connect with the energy of forgiveness. You can diffuse it during your meditation or Reiki practice, apply a couple drops topically to your heart center or even just open the bottle and inhale before your forgiveness work.

In this moment, move into the resonance of forgiveness and see what work your bodymind is open to doing here and now.

Present/Body/Problem – Cleansing

Now that we have forgiven, it is time to cleanse. We need to release the storage that is dampening our frequencies and bringing us down. We need to release our energetic connections with the people and events that are not serving us so we can look at our world with fresh eyes and an open heart.

Again, through meditation, Reiki and essential oils you can cleanse. As you meditate, see the storage within – what color is it? How does it feel? What sensations do you experience as you connect with it. Honor it and then set the intention that it is time to let it go. Watch the storage transmute into light. As you perform your Reiki sessions, if you notice storage, acknowledge it and be present with it until you feel it is ready to release.

With essential oils, the Purify blend is powerful. I’ll be honest, this blend is not one I use because I love the smell of it, I use it to get things moving and out energetically. It is a fantastic detoxifier so if you feel like you are holding on to a lot, this is an amazing blend.

Scan your body. Allow everything that is not serving you to leave you or transmute now.

Future/Spirit/Advice – Enlightened

After forgiveness and cleansing, we move into a future and mind of enlightenment. Our journey to higher consciousness is one of remembering. We do not effort to become enlightened – we are already enlightened. It is a matter of having a human experience and along the way awakening from the dream that we are anything but whole and perfect.

As you meditate or perform your Reiki sessions, remember again that you are not efforting or “doing”. Rather you are opening up, being present and allowing. With that receptivity you are connecting with source energy. You are remembering that you are source, that we are all source.

The oil connected with this focus is Frankincense. I love this oil so much. It helps us to connect with divine support and pull aside the curtain of illusion so we can see that we are all one and all divine.

I like to put a drop of Frankincense on my crown, or different chakras depending on where I feel my focus needs to be in that moment. You can also diffuse it, or put a couple drops on your hands, rub them together and inhale.

Open your higher energy centers and allow yourself to connect with source energy. Feel the love and light coming in through your crown.

My hands are tingling, usually a sign for me that others are drawing energy through me. I hope that you now feel ready to forgive, cleanse and move into ever expanding enlightenment. My heart sees your heart.?

In warmth,


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