Finding Your Purpose

I truly believe that we all come here with a purpose. That can include lessons we are meant to learn, people we are meant to help and experiences we are meant to have. That purpose may or may not include career. I have met many healers in all kinds of professions – the healing work occurs in every endeavor they undertake.

We know we are not fulfilling our purpose when we feel out of alignment with how we are spending our time. Egoic resistance is different than being out of alignment in that it uses logic and fear to resist what it. Not being aligned is experiential and you know it in every fiber of your being – without words or logic.

This blend is meant to help you attract the people, situations and environment so that you can fulfill your purpose here on earth. If you are feeling stuck or not sure how to move forward, this can help. This blend can also help you find joy in what you do now as your spiritual purpose finds expression through it.

The Oils

Roman Chamomile can help you see your spiritual purpose here on earth. That is the purpose that will emanate from you no matter what physical action you take. It is a part of your energetic signature.

Melissa can help to bring light into everything. Sometimes we can feel alone in the dark with regard to why we are here and Melissa can help to shine bright so your purpose is illuminated.

Ylang Ylang can help to release burdens your heart is carrying so you can return to a child like innocence. With wide eyes and less labels – we open up to all of the possibilities.

Arborvitae encourages you to surrender and allow divine energy to flow with trust that you are loved and being cared for as you share your special gifts with the world.

Cypress will help to get any dissonant energy moving and allow your purpose and the energy that surrounds it to find you.

Frankincense brings in truth and source energy so you know what your true purpose is and have the fuel you need to embrace it.

Patchouli brings that high resonance energy into our body so we can live out our spiritual purpose here on earth.

You can add this to a 10ml rollerbottle and apply to the tops of your shoulders, back of neck, heart center and around the belly button.

Thank you for sharing your light ?


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