How to Create a High Vibe Home with Crystals and Essential Oils

We spend a lot of time in our homes. It is the place we rest and in most cases nourish ourselves. In this post, you will learn how to shift the energy of your home to align with your ideal self and life.

Have you ever walked into a space and felt uneasy? Have you ever noticed that if there are arguments in your home, that they occur in a specific room? On the other hand, do you have a space in your home you love to spend time in? Do you find there is a room where you are inspired?

The feelings you have are connected to the energy in your home. Traditional Chinese practitioners have worked with the energy in spaces for centuries and this work is known as Feng Shui. These experts believe that by balancing each area in your home, you in turn can balance your health, family, career, relationships, wealth and more.

If you haven’t explored it, you may find my Clearing Space with Reiki and Essential Oils article helpful. We will go a step further here and look at how you can balance and nourish specific areas within your home to achieve specific outcomes such as manifesting love and relationships, attracting and keeping wealth, finding focus and expanding your knowledge and creating and maintaining health.

When we spend time in a place, it absorbs our energy and we also absorb the energy of the space around us. By balancing and nourishing our homes, we are creating a place where we can thrive and grow.

If you have taken my Crystal Reiki course, you remember that each area of the house corresponds with a specific sector in the feng shui grid or bagua as well as a specific element. Some of my favorite ways to create balance in a space are with Reiki, crystals and essential oils. Note: If you have not taken my Crystal Reiki courses, don’t worry – we will explore what you need to know here.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the 5 elements are the foundation of all things and we work to create a flow of energy between them. We need all 5 elements, and the cycles from one to another. It is when the energy does not flow, that imbalances occur.

In our homes, you may find a specific area is always cluttered, in need of repair, or that you find your mood tends to shift when you enter that area. These are signs that those areas need some clearing and energetic support. If you look at where those rooms are in the Feng Shui sector, you may find there is an imbalance in your life that corresponds with that area.

For example, if your wealth sector is cluttered, with repairs needed in that space in your home, how is wealth energy in your life?

Take some time and make note of the areas in your home that are cluttered or in need of repair. Compare them to the sectors in the grid below and see if there are connections between the areas in your home and your life. Are they both in need of some TLC?

Note: the center of the grid and your home can be connected with personal health and balance.

You will start at the place your enter your home most frequently and align it with the bottom of the grid. Facing into your home, you will see the wealth and abundance sector at the far left side of your home, the relationships and marriage sector at the far right side, the helpful people and travel sector on your near right hand side of your home, the knowledge and spirituality sector on your near left corner and so on.

Before you begin adding anything to each area in your home to balance and amplify it, you need to remove anything that is lowering the energy flow in the area. Remember that to begin, we must remove blocks and create flow.

Where possible, in a space that is cluttered, touch each item in the area and see what feelings and memories come up. If they are anything less than peaceful (ideally you feel love when you touch them), consider recycling or releasing them. Your space needs to lift you up and the things that occupy it need to as well.  If you are struggling intellectually with those releases, try diffusing some Lemongrass and Siberian Fir.

Once you have physically cleared an area, you will want to do an energy clearing. One way to clear the energy in your home, is to perform a Reiki session on your home. You can use yourself as a surrogate, or as you stand in each space, allow it to draw Reiki energy through you. You can then use the symbols – CKR to dispel dissonance, SHK for emotional balancing and HSZSN to do the balancing from the past moving forward. You can also open the windows in the space and allow sunlight to shine through.

Lately I have also found myself using sage to smudge and clear the space (be safe with fire) and then burning some Palo Santo afterwards to bring in some harmony and resonance.

Then, when your spaces feel clear – you can bring in some energy to fuel the area. Start with the area in your life that you feel needs the most support.

Once you have de-cluttered each area in your home, and done a clearing, we can begin to add some nourishing practices. Crystals and Essential Oils are gifts from the earth and hold very specific frequencies. By placing them in strategic places in your space, you can harness the power of very specific intentions and energy.

Main Entrance

Start at the main entrance of your home. If you have a front and back entrance, you will use the entrance that you and those who inhabit your home use most.

You can place some crystals near the entrance of your home to help release the dissonance of those who enter. Black Tourmaline is a helpful crystal for purifying, cleansing and protecting. Obsidian and Hematite can also be effective options for purifying the energy coming into your home.

Knowledge/Spirituality (left corner)

This area connects with the energy of personal development, external knowledge and inner knowing. You can include crystals here that are blue, green or black. This area can be connected with the earth element, so including crystals here in general will be helpful. Fluorite and Amazonite are great choices as they encourage one to go within and connect with personal truth and values.

Essential Oils for the knowledge/spirituality sector in your home

The essential oils you can diffuse in this space to enhance your personal development and support the earth element are Spikenard (finding deeper meaning), Cardamom (process and go within), Clove (boundaries), Ginger (empowerment), Jasmine (honor), Lemon Eucalyptus, Lime (courage), Myrrh (soul nourishment), Patchouli (aligning body and spirit), Sandalwood (hearing the voice of source) or Spikenard (seeing deeper meaning of life).

Family/Past (left hand side)

This sector is associated with the wood element and your family of origin. If you are struggling in this area, you may find that you have trouble making decisions, find it difficult to stay organized and move towards your goals.
This area of your home is also connected to you physically through your liver and gall bladder.

If this element is balanced within you and your space, you will feel powerful in your ability to manifest and create the life you desire. You make decisions in alignment with your highest self with ease.

Here are some crystals and essential oils you can use to balance the wood element in your home. The color green can be used in this area as well as wood elements. Ideally you do not have fire or red in this area.

Petrified wood or peanut wood are options you can consider for crystals as well as green crystals such as chrysoprase (release dissonance), or green tourmaline (productivity). If you have a study or den in this sector of your home, you can keep your crystals there, as well as bring a crystal with you if you are learning and studying elsewhere.

Essential oils to support the family sector of your home can include: Copaiba (healing deep wounds), Marjoram (connecting), Cedarwood (healthy unity), Magnolia (compassion) Manuka (lifting us up), and Pink Pepper (self-worth).


In the bottom center sector of your home is the career sector. Questions to ask yourself are, am I happy with my work? Am I doing what I love?

This area is associated with the element water and connects with your kidneys, bladder, endocrine and reproductive systems. The water element is connected with the feeling of fear.

Crystals I would include in this area are Clear Quartz (cleanse and amplify), Blue Lace Agate (confidence, communication) and Lapis Lazuli (aligning with self).

Essential oils you can explore and use in the career sector of your home are: Basil (renewing energy to pursue your dreams), Cypress (opening up to the possibilities), Roman Chamomile (life purpose), Tangerine (creativity) and Patchouli (making your dreams a reality).

Helpful People/Travel

In the bottom right corner of your home is the helpful people and travel sector. If you are wanting to travel more and encounter people who bring light into your life, this is a sector you want to enhance.

Crystals for this area can include Labradorite (expanding your horizons), Pyrite (help you attract guides), and Aventurine (bringing in opportunities)

Essential Oils you can explore for balancing the travel and helpful people sector in your home are Cedarwood (connection), Ginger (empowering yourself to step out into the world), Marjoram (attracting healthy relationships), Petitgrain (releasing old patterns), Neroli (forming meaningful partnerships) and Ylang Ylang (seeing your world with new eyes).

Children/Creativity Sector

As you move to the middle right sector, you will see the Children and Creativity sector. This sector connects with the legacy you will leave through your descendants and also the impact you have on the world. It is connected with the element metal which in Traditional Chinese Medicine is associated with the Lungs and Large Intestine.

The emotion connected to the element metal is grief. As I have mentioned before, all emotions are needed but it is when we are stuck in a single emotion that imbalance can occur.

Crystals to support the Children and Creativity sector are Obsidian for protection, Smoky Quartz to ground the energy and Apophyllite for balancing.

Essential oils to include in the Children and Creativity sector are: Red Mandarin (finding wonder), Litsea (manifesting), Hinoki (harmony) and Blue Tansy (inspired action).


The relationships and marriage sector is all about the people you connect with (or do not) in your life. Crystals you can use to create balance in this sector are Rose Quartz (love), Pink Tourmaline (bring back that loving feeling), and Amethyst (healing from broken relationships).

My favorite essential oils for this sector are: Rose (divine love and trust), Cassia (warming your heart), Myrrh (nurturing), Lavender (communicating from your heart).


At the top center sector of your home is the Fame sector. It is strongly connected with the element fire, your heart, small intestine and the emotion joy.

Crystals you can include in this area are: Red Carnelian (confidence and expression), Red Jasper (empowerment) and Citrine (manifestation).

Essential oils that will be helpful in the Fame sector of your home are: Black Spruce (grounding), Cinnamon (showing up in the world), Spearmint (speaking up), Manuka (understanding your sacredness) and Coriander (staying true to yourself).


Finally, at the top left hand corner of your home you have the Wealth sector. This sector needs to be balanced to ensure you are able to attract the energy of money, keep it and then let it go with ease.

Crystals you can include to balance this area are: Amethyst (accessing intuition), Green Jade (long term wealth), and Citrine (manifesting).

Essential oils you will want to include in your wealth sector are: Wild Orange (abundance), Litsea (manifesting), Spikenard (gratitude), Green Mandarin (wealth opportunities) and Arborvitae (divine support).

Over time, you will feel confident as you intuitively select the crystals and essential oils for the spaces in your home. Every month, take an inventory of your space and how you have been feeling and give yourself and your home an energetic tune-up.

I would love to hear how things shift for you as you use these methods to clear and balance your home.

In warmth,


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