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Please read the guidelines carefully before requesting to join

If there are any differences in Your Udemy and Facebook names (example: an extra initial or first name is shortened), after you request to join the group, please let us know by including your Udemy name when you answer the questions in Facebook.

By requesting to join and becoming a member of our Facebook group you agree to the following terms of use (please read carefully):

  1. Posts that market a product/service or group or that require members to sign up or provide personal information such as their email address will only be posted as a comment in the Community Share Announcement at the top of the discussion area. Any posts that meet this criteria that are posted outside of the Community Share thread will be deleted without notice.
  2. Posts that request members to send Reiki must be posted within the Reiki Love Announcement at the top of the discussion thread. Any posts that meet this criteria that are outside of the Reiki Love post will be deleted without notice.
  3. This group is a privilege to be a part of. Please honor and respect all members. If you find yourself feeling negative, perform a self-treatment before you post or comment. Posts that may be deemed inappropriate or not honoring the spirit of the group will be deleted. Members who continue to disrespect others will be removed from the group without notice.
  4. You will not contact members of the group privately unless they request that you do so. If a member does contact you and you wish them to stop, please first block them in facebook and then email Lisa at info@onlinereikicourse.com with the information. Please do not mass mail members, ask them to like your page via message or add them to a group without their permission.
  5. The posts and information in this group are educational in nature and are not a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please ensure you are receiving all of the care and support you need including allopathic care.
  6. Opinions, advice and all other information expressed by members in discussions or comments in this group are those of the author and they are solely responsible for that information.
  7. If you decide to work with someone in the community, please ensure you have the information you need to be comfortable with this connection and know that you are solely responsible for this connection.
  8. Please post any questions relating to the course or specifically to Lisa Powers in our Udemy course or email her at info@onlinereikicourse.com

This Facebook Group is not mandatory or a given. This is an environment to serve your highest good, in your Reiki practice and your life.

Use it as a tool to help you learn, love and grow. As a member of this group, you will have the power to ensure the integrity and positivity of the group is maintained.