Everything in Potential

I find this to be such an interesting time of year. We have entered the new year, and everything exists in pure potential. The seeds of creation are still possibilities in the field of all that is. Some may find this time of transition disconcerting as we are encouraged to be still and hold space for the new reality and growth to take place. Others may revel in this energetic soup of creation. No matter how you are feeling in this moment, this Crystal Reiki grid is for you.

This crystal grid is deceiving because at first glance it seems simple, but take a moment with it and you will find your focus being drawn in. Amethyst highlights the Tree of Life within this Flower of Life grid. Each aspect of the whole is contained within the parts of the cycle, from seed to tree to flower to fruit and back to seed. I love Amethyst and it is thought to help us connect with source energy among many other things.

Mystic Merlinite surrounds the Tree of Life and has a grounding influence while Clear Quartz amplifies the grid while continuing to raise our awareness.

These symbols originate in nature and are the building blocks of manifestation. Take some time with the grid and use the essential oil blend below to help you connect with collective consciousness and your ability to co-create.

Arborvitae helps us to connect with divine energy. When we are aligned with source, things flow smoothly and for our highest good.

Cassia provides you with the courage to step into your light and live the life you were meant to live.

Clary Sage helps you envision the reality that you will manifest.

Clove helps you to feel empowered and release any self-sabotage

Cypress helps the energy to flow from possibility, to potential, to reality

Frankincense amplifies the blend and helps the oils work in synergy while raising your resonance with a focus on truth and light.

I am so excited to see where our journey this year will go.

In warmth (with love & light),



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