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Connect your intuition with the power of essential oils

Essential oil oracle cards are a truly unique way to help strengthen your intuition and connect with the essential oil that will serve you, and your intentions, best.

Tune in with yourself, pull a card, and create a self-care practice that tunes into your inner wisdom and helps you to manifest your dreams into reality.

Whether you’re new to feeling the energetic resonance of each essential oil, or you’re looking for vibrant new ways to add them to your practice, essential oil oracle cards allow you to tune into your higher self to help you select the essential oils that will heighten your awareness and create shifts on all levels...

These oracle cards are meant to help you tap into the power of essential oils so you can pair the energy of the right oil with your specific intentions.

These oracle cards are perfect for those wanting to use essential oils to create shifts physically, emotionally, and energetically, but aren’t quite sure how

These essential oil oracle cards were created for those wanting to connect with the energetic resonance of essential oils and the best oils for them in each moment.

Are you feeling stuck or stagnant?

These cards will help guide you to the core issue and the best oil to help you make the right shift.

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Connect with a daily focus, or gain clarity around bigger issues like relationships or your career. Your cards and essential oils help shift your energy, which then shifts your world.

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Create a sacred daily ritual that holds space for all of your intentions and dreams with cards that show you the best oil to anchor and manifest them.

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Each oracle card is ideally suited to your favorite line of oils, and your guidebook includes a link guidebook to access the blend translation sheet.

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And bonuses! Use the link in your guidebook to access a guided meditation you can use with your oracle cards, and more.

The perfect present to yourself (or a gift to someone else) to bring a little more alignment into the world.

Every day brings a new chance to be or do more, but sometimes it’s hard to know which are the right moments or opportunities for you. With clarity comes ease, and these essential oil oracle cards help bring both.

$29.00 USD

Essential Oil Oracle Cards Guide
Essential Oil Oracle Cards on a desk with essential oils

What You Gain:

  • Clarity

    Clarity on every issue life throws at you, big and small

  • Guidance

    Guidance on the best way to move forward in any circumstance

  • The perfect foundation

    The perfect foundation for your ideal self-care routine using essential oils

  • Confidence

    Confidence in your skills to tap into the power of oils for your energy work

  • Intuitive Connection

    A stronger and more intuitive connection to essential oils

  • Proven methods

    Proven methods for strengthening your meditation practice and making it one amazing, multi-sensory journey

  • A powerful tool

    A powerful tool to use with clients for those already working with essential oils or energy.

With each oracle deck you will receive:

  • 90 cards

    90 cards that tap into each oil and their deeper meanings

  • A gorgeous guidebook

    A gorgeous guidebook to help you pair oils with intentions

  • Bonus guided meditations

    Bonus guided meditations and oil blend translations linked in the guidebook

  • A deeper sense of familiarity and connection

    A deeper sense of familiarity and connection with the emotional and energetic aspects of your essential oils.

Essential Oil Oracle Cards Fennel Clary Sage

Perfect as an inspirational guide, this 77-card deck is a high-vibe way to add more intention into your life and create a little more everyday magic.

Feel aligned with your higher self and gain more clarity as you incorporate the energy of essential oils and oracle cards into your practices.

$29.00* USD

*and if you’re not totally in love, you can send them back for a full refund

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Hi, I’m Lisa!

I’ve spent the last 20 years looking for new ways to blend health, wellness, and essential oils, all with one goal in mind: to help support your search for clarity and the journey it takes you on. I’m so grateful to have made the opportunity to move from feeling lost and alone to living my passion by guiding people through essential oils and alternative wellness, and sharing these gifts with thousands of students. It’s the best feeling in the world to make a positive difference to even just one person.

A true teacher at heart, I want to help others fulfill their potential by helping them to heal on all levels and grow through education that is beyond the everyday and ordinary. I know there is a magical and miraculous side of life that we are here to explore, and I can’t wait to discover more of it with you.