Essential Oils for Men

When I first began using essential oils, my husband loved the smells but didn’t understand how he could use them. Over time, when things came up, I would mention I had an oil that could help and he began to explore.

Now, when he has a sensitive stomach – he asks for DigestZen. If he gets a scratch, he pulls out the CorrectX. If he goes outside with the bugs, he brings his own Terrashield.

My Father is also building his oil collection. He uses them to support his cardiovascular system, his immune system, urinary tract and so much more. He loves his oil infused supplements and the Lifelong Vitality Pack.

If you are wanting to know more about how essential oils can help men, here is a guide with recipes specifically for day to day needs.

Over the span of a day, men come into contact with hundreds of chemicals. By reducing toxic load, it frees our bodies up to do what they are meant to do – renew, replenish and restore.

Learn how to reduce toxic load, improve mood and much more.

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