Essential Oil Coaching Program

I am so excited that our doTERRA team is growing. Although summer can be a time energetically where we become more still, I wanted to provide an opportunity for my community to take their essential oil business to the next level. So – our Summer Success program will have training to help you make great strides towards your goals. The program will run over 9 weeks and will include:

  1. Mindset training: an amazing thing about this business model is that it works. Hundreds of thousands of people are reaching their goals each day. Those that do not, fail because they are stopping themselves. Mindset training will ensure that you have the tools you need to prevent self-sabotage and build your confidence so that you can help others with this work.
  2. Skill Success: As I mentioned, this model is tested and true. You just need to keep things simple and follow the steps. Our skill success training will guide you step by step as you learn how to share and teach about the oils.
  3. Healing sessions: The well-being of our team needs to always be the first priority so there will be healing sessions as a part of our work. The more balanced we are and the more miraculous experiences we have with the oils, the better so we will have essential oil alignment sessions to help us release what is not serving us and bring in what is for our highest good on all levels.

We start June 26th so if you have been considering joining our community, now is the time. Click here to enroll. You will:

1. Enter your information

2. Leave the referral ID as is. (1910671 Alberta Inc – that’s me)

3. Choose the oils you would like to get started with.

If you choose an enrollment kit, the $35 membership fee is waived and you get additional saving so consider that.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.

In warmth (with a little Cedarwood for community),


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