Essential Oil Oracle Cards


Here is a Guided Meditation You can use with your cards

This guided meditation can be used when you are working with your Essential Oil Oracle Cards. I hope you find it helpful.


Use this protocol to help you release energetic connections and storage that is not serving you.

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I am so excited for you to embark on this amazing journey

Hi, I'm Lisa and I wanted to give you a warm welcome hug (with some Lavender love). These cards will help you use your intuition to connect with the essential oils that will help you to release beliefs, memories and energy that are not serving you so that you can find balance, strength and peace. I hope you find them to be an essential tool on your path to enlightenment.

Frequently asked questions

I would encourage you to open your cards and read your guidebook. There is a section on clearing your cards. Once you have cleared your cards,  spend some time with them. Shuffle them, hold them and explore. When you are ready, you can begin your first card reading.

Enhance Your Experience

If you are interested in learning more about how you can use essential oils to help you balance your energy, I will be offering an experiential online course that will teach you about using specific essential oils to work with dissonant thoughts, beliefs, memories and energy so you can be the highest resonance.

This course pairs perfectly with your Essential Oil Oracle Cards.

You can use your Essential Oil Oracle cards to:

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Start Your Day with Intention

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Gain clarity around a specific situation or decision you need to make.

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Release energy that is not serving you so you can balance on all levels.

New Book - How to Find Meaning & Purpose in Your Life

If you want to use essential oils and intentional reflection to uplevel your life, this guide is for you. With insights, meditations, and powerful essential oil blends, this book will guide you to create positive shifts in every aspect of your body, mind and life.

How to Find Meaning & Purpose in Your Life

More Resources To Come

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