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Imagine what it would be like if...

  • You are creating your own business on YOUR terms, setting your own schedule, and feel excited to jump into work every day.

  • You have a more fulfilling way to earn a living.  Support and treat your family without the typical risks you’d find in running your own business.

  • You are finding purpose in helping others find natural solutions to their common struggles.

  • You could have a home based business with no income cap, without the need for business space, inventory, employees or high overhead.

  • Your business is in one of the fastest growing sectors with tested and proven products and you didn't have to worry about returns, shipping or billing.

  • You are part of a supportive, loving team.  One who values integrity, champions you towards greatness, and celebrates each other’s wins.

  • You have a step-by-step guidance to build your essential oil business, with up to date information giving you the confidence you need to flourish and thrive.

  • You are building a personal brand over which you have creative control.  Everyday feels fulfilling and your ideas are never passed over.

By joining Team Powers and becoming a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate, you will build a home based business that supports your lifestyle goals.  All while feeling good and empowered about what you do and who you surround yourself with.


It’s my passion to help heart-centered women teach others how to be the healer in their communities with dōTERRA essential oils.

I’ve been running my own business and teaching in the health and wellness field for almost 20 years. Although I love helping others, my previous service business required 10-15 hour days.  What’s worse, not having the time to spend with my young family left me feeling resentful. Although I was running my own business, truly - it was running me. When I had to take a day off because a family member was sick or my children needed me, my income also was impacted.

I knew my life would change when I found doTERRA. My schedule would be more flexible. I would not be trading my time for money.  And I could continue to help others not only improve their health. All while continuing to build a successful wellness practice.

I’d love to help you gain this kind of freedom in your own life.



Get inspired… this could be you!

"I started working with Lisa Powers through her Reiki courses and loved every bit of it! It was a natural extension of my love of energy healing and wellness to expand and work with her as part of her dōTERRA team. Working with Lisa on both the energy healing and now essential oil wellness journey I am on is such a pleasure. She is helpful, attentive, positive and full of encouragement, leading you to education that helps you be your own best wellness advocate. When it comes to learning about energy and essential oil usage for yourself (and others), I highly recommend Lisa Powers!"

– Kim G.


Business Training

Step-by-step guidance to help build your essential oil business from the ground up.  This is so great because even if you’re a complete business beginner, you’ll have clarity on what to do and when to do it.


Essential Oils for Wellness Online Courses

A comprehensive online program so that you can quickly gain product knowledge to share the oils easily with your customers.  As a bonus, this training can also be shared directly with your customers (so you don’t have to know it all in order to be successful!)


Online Community

Access to our private, Team Powers Facebook Group where you can get support and feedback from myself and other teammates who are building their businesses too.


dōTERRA Wholesale Membership + Rewards

Get your own personal oils for less.  On top of your 25% wholesale discount, you’ll also earn rewards points towards free products… and let me tell you, they add up quickly!


dōTERRA Wellness Advocate (Business) Access

Personal dōTERRA website, access to business tools and reports, and the ability to earn commission on sales.  It’s like a business-in-a-box. Nothing for you to build. It’s all here waiting for you.


and 1-on-1 Support with Lisa

If you have questions about your oils or your business, I am just an email away, or available in our educational Facebook group daily.

"Lisa's leadership, education, and information continues to impress me daily! She is so committed to educating her team and always provides us with amazing resources. I am still new to dōTERRA but I envision myself having an abundant dōTERRA business in the future, and I am so glad to know I have the excellent leadership available to me that Lisa provides."

– Cybele L.

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Is an Essential Oil Business Right for You Now?

Listen to this meditation to connect with your intuition to see what is best for you.

Those who are building successful home based business, have the support of a strong team and training system behind them.

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Most Popular Kits

You’ll need a stash of oils in order to share with others.  What’s so great about a doTERRA business is that you don’t have to invest thousands in risky inventory.  Just a small kit with the common oils you’d use anyways.

Here are the kits that I’d recommend starting with because they contain the popular products that you’ll be asked about most frequently.

Healthy Start Kit

Healthy Start Kit

The dōTERRA Healthy Start Kit contains 10 essential oils and blends—the "feel better" essentials that help you care for yourself and your loved ones on a daily basis. Experience the infinite ways that dōTERRA CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils can help you help your family. This kit contains 5 mL bottles of Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Melaleuca, Oregano, Frankincense, Deep Blue®, dōTERRA Breathe®, DigestZen®, dōTERRA On Guard® and a Brevi diffuser, along with a quick usage guide for each essential oil and blend included.


$160 USD

Healthy Habits Kit

This kit is for you if you want to take a more rounded approach to helping others by including both oils and everyday supplements into your new business practice.

Using these every day create the habits that lead to long term wellness. This kit contains 5 mL bottles of Lavender, Lemon, Balance, On Guard, and Frankincense. The Deep Blue Rub is an amazing support to soothe muscles and joints. TerraZyme and PB Assist+ support digestive health and the LifeLong Vitality Supplements provide total body support.

$195 USD

Healthy Start Kit(1)

"I love working with Lisa. She is always there to answer questions and support each of us, no matter our rank. She is chock-full of knowledge and shares it with all her downline. She is the epitome of what a true leader is. A great example for us to follow."

– Bonnie F.


These kits seem too expensive for me right now.

I understand and have been there. An amazing thing about starting your essential oil business is that it has very low overhead compared to typical businesses. No rent or inventory required.  Plus, you even get your own free website!


What if I don't know that much about essential oils?

A great thing about joining my community is that you will receive the education you need to empower others using essential oils. AND, your customers will get access to all of my courses and information as well.


Will you really be there to help me build my business?

Whether you want loose guidance or exact, step-by-step instructions to build your own dōTERRA business, I provide both levels of support in a way that lets you go at your own pace with no pressure, only inspiration.


Isn’t this an MLM/Pyramid Scheme?

This is network marketing, which in my humble opinion is the future of small business. dōTERRA chose this model because people need to be educated on how to safely and effectively use their oils and rather than just selling the oils off a shelf at a store. You are the educator who teaches and shares about the oils, creating a community of like-minded people who feel supported and empowered.

Do I have to order every month?

If Advocates are not using the oils, sharing is not authentic.  An authentic and well educated experience is what your customers expect. Therefore, in order to earn income you do need to be placing a minimum monthly order. Once you switch some of your daily items to dōTERRA products, it is easy to use money you were already spending towards that order instead.  Plus, you’ll get the wholesale discount and loyalty rewards points which add up quickly.


Why should I join your team?

My team focuses on education and support. In fact, we often joke that it feels more like personal development than work. My goal is to provide you with the education and support to build your business as a part of a fulfilling life. All of my resources and training are available to you and your customers, making it much easier for you to focus on building your business.


Why should I join your team?

My team focuses on education and support. Your well-being is the first priority and when you have that, you can then look into sharing the oils and products you love. I do my best to provide you with all of the resources you need to build your business and develop a mindset of confidence. If personal development is important to you, our team is a wonderful place to do that.

Ready to cultivate a fulfilling life of wellness for you and your family and build the business you’ve always dreamed of?


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