Imagine leading a wellness community that helps people find physical, emotional and energetic balance.

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Before I share about this life-changing opportunity, let's make sure this is a good fit for you

You are passionate about helping others, and have big dreams. You are done with trading your time for money and want to build a business that can help infinitely more people, while you make a lot more money, working whenever and wherever you like - all on your own terms.

whether you:

  • Have a current wellness business and have reached a definite ceiling and know that creating a scalable online community with products is your ticket to helping more people, creating time freedom for yourself and diversifying your income streams.

  • Are a corporate employee (with the heart of a wellness entrepreneur), tired of being undervalued, confined to your 9-5 and very aware that you are capable of so much more.

  • Are a budding wellness entrepreneur who wants to build an online business the smart way with a cohesive online community that includes wellness products, and your knowledge (hint: most online business owners just turn themselves into employees and stay stuck in the dollars/hours hustle).

There's just one problem - you aren't sure what to do to create a successful, sustainable wellness business.

  • Should you create an online course?

  • Open a brick and mortar wellness practice?

  • Provide distance sessions?

  • Offer virtual wellness consultations?

Let me tell you

You want a business that can weather the ups and downs of life, and you need to think outside the box of a traditional wellness practice.


I'm an Energy-Worker, Wellness Coach and Mama who is passionate about helping others build successful and aligned wellness based businesses.

I’ve been teaching about health and wellness and running my own business for almost 20 years. I have had the honor of working with over a hundred thousand students to date and I love to help others share their light.

Initially I built a full-time in-person wellness practice, but after a few moves, I started to understand the importance of a location independent business. In 2011, I began practicing and teaching online and created a very busy teaching practice.

A few years ago, I got to a point where I knew there could be a better way, so I created a multi-faceted membership community where I could provide support to members, but also mentor other leaders in the community who could then grow and go on to create their own communities.

And here we are.

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Having a business with wellness products that help your clients get the results they want - so much so that they keep using them month after month. Imagine you creating a sacred space where you can share what you are passionate about, serve, teach, connect and help others find balance. Imagine having a business that provides you with recurring income, just by sharing what helps you and what you love.

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Building a Healing Community will give you the time and money freedom you crave while still being able to serve and help others.

Do you know:

  • Health practitioners that have had to close their doors because of our changing world?

  • Business owners who worked so much that ran their bodies down, but their business only ran when they did - so they pushed until they finally hit a wall?

  • Someone who jumped on the online course train and spent countless hours creating an online course, only to hear crickets once they launched?

Now imagine your future business

You share the wellness products you love and people come to you wanting to learn how they can use them to help their own bodies and lives.

You have a simple, step-by-step process for guiding people to become empowered and guide their wellness journey.

You teach your community about all of the things you love, energy, healthy habits, low tox living - everything that lights you up.

Have peace of mind that your business is working while you sleep, without binge tied to a physical location, trading your time for dollars and being vulnerable to the changing tides of these times.

Finally being able to help others (and yourself!) build a life you love.

Building a wellness business focused solely on your services is like building a house on quicksand.

The only way to create a business that is successful and stands the test of time is to diversify it.

Including products that you love and trust and that work for you, as well as sharing them in a community that you connect with in an ongoing basis provides a solid foundation where you are creating residual income.



Online Wellness Community Mentorship Program.



Business Training FROM EXPERIENCE

Step-by-step guidance as I show you exactly what I do in my own business, to help you build your wellness community from the ground up.  This is not just theory, but real world advice and tips that will save you time and money.

Step-by-Step, Go at your own pace

I provide you with videos, guides, and checklists to help you every step of the way. It can be easy to become overwhelmed with all of the things, so I take the guess work out, so you can start connecting with new members as soon as possible.


Online Community

Access to our private, Building Our Healing Collective Facebook Group where you can get support and feedback from myself and other Leaders who are building their businesses too. This includes weekly mentor calls and office hours where you can get support for your specific questions.



You will have wholesale access to the best wellness products, from supplements, skin and self-care, to essential oils, you will have everything you need to share with your community. You do not need to carry an inventory, or handle payments. It is already built for you.



As you learn how to build out your own community, you can bring your people into ours. You can provide them with wellness resources that include: online courses, weekly facebook classes, pdf guides and group support - all already done for you. It’s like a business-in-a-box. It’s all here waiting for you.


Here's what you'll learn

Office with books, essential oils and water bottle on the desk
  • Getting clear on the people you want to connect with and help most.

  • The best ways to connect with people online and how to do it in a way that feels aligned for you.

  • How to choose the information and topics you are most passionate about to share with your community.

  • The most effective way to guide people through your sales process.

  • How to help potential members fall in love with the products and your community so they become lifelong connections.

  • How to empower your people so you do not have to be the expert.


Get inspired… this could be you!

"I started working with Lisa Powers through her Reiki courses and loved every bit of it! It was a natural extension of my love of energy healing and wellness to expand and work with her as part of her Healing Collective community. Working with Lisa on both the energy healing and now my own wellness business is such a pleasure. She is helpful, attentive, positive and full of encouragement, leading you to education that helps you be your own best Leader."

– Kim G.

BONUS library

Alignment Tools

I provide you with tools such as Strengths Finder, Human Design and more, to help you learn your strengths so that you can build your business in alignment with you.

Online Community

Although you are building your own business, you are not alone. You will get access to our private Building Our Healing Collective Facebook Group where you can get support and feedback from myself and other Leaders who are building their businesses too. This includes weekly mentor calls and office hours where you can get support for your specific questions.


done for you Website resources

I show you the website platform I recommend to those starting out and share web pages, email sequences, funnels and more to help you build your community of customers and if you like, business partners.


You will learn how to create a business that is aligned with you and your values so that you can attract clients and partners that you love to connect with. If you are just starting out, you will receive the option to use a professionally designed website template that you can customize as you move forward.

incentives to grow

Although helping others is a reward on it's own, you can receive special gifts for reaching specific levels of growth in your business. This can include 1:1 time, recognition within our group, or happy mail. From free oils, jewellery, to trips, doTERRA loves to give you special treats as you build and grow.


To Recap, Here's What you'll get

"Lisa's leadership, education, and information continues to impress me daily! She is so committed to educating her team and always provides us with amazing resources. I am still new but I envision myself having an abundant business in the future, and I am so glad to know I have the excellent leadership available to me that Lisa provides."

– Cybele L.

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Is this Right for You Now?

Listen to this meditation to connect with your intuition to see what is best for you.


This program is for you if you just really want your life back.

You might have a very demanding 9-5 job, or already be an entrepreneur relying on your one to one clients and you are keenly aware that you don't have the time, location or financial freedom you crave to live an amazing life.

Or maybe you are so done with being on the edge of burn-out and having to say no to all of the fun things happening around you because you just don't have the time.

That is why you are so motivated to invest in yourself and build a business that will not only change your life for the better, but for countless others as well.

Note: Your initial kit is $250 USD and then you need to place around $125 USD wellness order each month if you wish to receive commissions. My Mentorship is at no additional cost.

If you live outside of the United States and Canada, please email for your unique link to join.

Headshot of Lisa Powers


As you know, I have had my own wellness business for the past 20 years. Every time I felt there was a way to make it better, I did. I was able to help more people and bring healing into more homes.

A few years ago, I realized I needed to embrace more change. Change that would again increase my ability to help others, but also give me more security, and more flexibility.

The importance of diversifying, offering products and creating your own community is clear now more than ever.

I can't wait to show you so that you can experience first hand, the time, location and financial freedom it can provide for you.

Should you choose to accept my invitiation and go all in, I know that this work will be completely life-changing for you and your family.


I provide all of my training at no additional cost. You will just need to get your initial starter kit ($250) and then in order to earn commissions each month, you will need to spend around $125 US each month. This can be for items you use personally or share/sell as a part of your business.

Some people ask why they need to be placing a monthly order. Just as you expect a fitness instructor to exercise in the way they teach you, or a Reiki Practitioner to receive sessions on themselves, you can only share products from your heart if you use them and have your own miracle moments with them.

You can replace items you already purchase at other places for doTERRA products to save and experience the benefits.

"I love working with Lisa. She is always there to answer questions and support each of us, no matter our rank. She is chock-full of knowledge and shares it with all her downline. She is the epitome of what a true leader is. A great example for us to follow."

– Bonnie F.


Click the link below that matches your country and get started.

Note: Your initial kit is $250 USD and then you need to place around $125 USD wellness order each month if you wish to receive commissions. My Mentorship is at no additional cost.

If you live outside of the United States and Canada, please email for your unique link to join.