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Divination Methods

What are the Best Divination Methods for Predicting the Future?

Divination is the act of foretelling future events or revealing knowledge. The universe is our playground. We are here to create, have fun and evolve. Sometimes it might feel like we are in an uphill battle in our lives and our focus moves out of the present into a fear of the future.

Refining your ability to move into your possible future timelines can bring ease to your mind and trust in your heart knowing that you can navigate what tomorrow brings. It can help you flow with your life more easily which in turn will attract more ease and grace.

Divination is a process in which our energy and consciousness harmonize with source or zero-point field where we can access information from all time across all space.

Divination relies on conscious observation, intuition, and interpretation of patterns and symbols. Whether you realize it or not, you are divining the future all of the time. Your body takes in the information around it and then based on past experiences prepares you for potential futures.

To become more conscious of this process you can bring in external tools to help you. Like training wheels, they provide guidance and structure. Over time, you will find you are able to discern meaning without them. Here are some tools commonly used for guidance and clarity:

Various Tools for Divination
Tarot or Oracle Cards
Tarot & Oracle Cards

Tarot is a form of divination that uses different Tarot cards, each one holding a different archetypal energy or meaning. Tarot cards are a deck of 78 cards used as a tool for increasing understanding around specific issues. Tarot cards have been used in divination for several centuries and are a tool used to help people better understand their current life situation and with that increased awareness can make decisions based on the messages they receive from the tarot.

Tarot readings use spreads of any number of cards from a single card to many. Most decks come with a guide to help you bring meaning to the cards, but the art of reading tarot is one that can take years to refine.

Oracle cards, unlike Tarot cards, can come in various topics and resonances. Each card can also have archetypal energy that is thought-provoking and offers the possibility of personal-growth.

With the cards, your intuition is guiding you to select the ones that will provide you with the guidance you need in that moment.


The pendulum is one of the most accessible tools for divination. You can use it to answer questions about any topic, from the past, present, and future to your relationships, finances, health, and more. Remember that you are using it as an extension of your own intuition.

How to Use a Pendulum in Divination to Get Answers

The pendulum is easy to use and will give you a clear answer in just a few seconds. You can ask simple questions to get a yes or no response. You can make the pendulum yourself or buy one made with various materials (crystal, metal, wood etc.).

There are different divination techniques. Here are some popular options:

Free Swing Pendulum

Take a piece of paper. Draw both circular directions in which the pendulum can move and write yes on the right and no on the left. If it moves to the right, it indicates a positive response. If it moves to the left, it presents a negative response. Place the pendulum 2.5 cm above the paper, ask the question aloud and keep your hand still. Wait for the pendulum to move. Observe in which direction it turns.

Using a Chart or Diagram

Another method is to draw a diagram. Take a small piece of paper and divide it into five parts. In the first part, write YES, in the second VERY LIKELY, in the third MAYBE, in the fourth that CHANCES ARE SMALL, in the fifth one, write NO. Place the pendulum 2.5 cm above the paper, say the question aloud, and move it left and right with your eyes closed. Where the pendulum stops, that is the guidance related to your question.

Yes or No Questions Answered with a Pendulum

Take a piece of paper. Draw a cross. Write YES on the upper and down part and NO on the left and right. Place the pendulum 2.5 cm above it. Say the question aloud while keeping your hand still. Wait, the pendulum will move. Observe in which direction it moves.

Additional tips:

  • Don’t use someone else’s pendulum (it is an extension of your energy)
  • Remember the margin for error (this will not have 100% accuracy)

Tips to Make Your Own Pendulum

  • A pendulum is a weight on the end of a string or chain, which moves freely from side to side when released.
  • You can choose from metal objects or crystals for this purpose. When it comes to crystals, Tourmaline is commonly used as well as clear quartz but you can use any other crystal that you resonate with.
  • Find a chain or string. You want it to be at least 20cm long.

Steps to Follow Before Using Your Pendulum

Here are some steps you can follow before you start using your pendulum.

  1. Leave it under running water for a few minutes or keep it in the sun or moonlight for 24 hours to cleanse it.
  2. Keep it close for some time to help it resonate with your energy.
  3. Find a specific box or pouch to keep it in when you’re not using it.

Runes originate from the Germanic alphabet (ancient form). In the past, the Nordic tribes used them for various purposes such as writing and divination. They can provide insight into issues that are unclear.

You can use this method when you have incomplete information about your problem or an incomplete picture. As with the cards, our subconscious mind and intuition play a crucial role and the runes are tools to help you decipher the messages.

Runes consist of 24 symbols typically marked on stone, made up of symbols that each represent a story. They are then cast on a surface to answer questions about what will happen in the future or what has happened in the past.

Reading Tea Leaves

The concept of reading tea leaves is not as ancient as other forms of divination. Based on various records, it began around the 17th century. The method is called tasseography or tasseomancy. Tea leaf reading is a practice of divination that interprets the patterns and shapes of tea leaves left at the bottom of a cup.

The cup may be shaken or stirred while the leaves are at the bottom and then read by looking at them through a lighted candle or another light source. The shapes and patterns are then interpreted. The reading can provide insight into the past, present, and future.

Just as with the previous methods, your intuition and higher awareness are pulling meaning from the external world.


The art of astrology involves studying the movements and relative positions of celestial objects. By understanding the patterns in our universe, we can use them to predict the patterns in our own lives. What is key here is that the planets are not causing things to occur, but rather they are a reflection we can use to clearly see ourselves. As above, so below is a common phrase and this means that in our fractal universe, everything is a part of the whole.

Automatic Writing

Automatic writing is a form of writing done with your higher self in charge. Your hand moves on a piece of paper, or another surface, to capture messages from your subconscious (or higher) mind.

There are several ways that automatic writing can be used as a divination tool. You can use it to answer questions that you cannot clearly see the answer to, or to gain more information about a specific situation.

To begin you can simply focus on the question and write down any messages that come up in response without editing them in any way.

The second way is more open. You would write the question on a piece of paper, and then write down every word/sentence that comes to mind. Keep doing this until your mind is clear. That can last 5 min or an hour, for example. Then analyze what you wrote. See which words/phrases/patterns are repetitive.

Tip: As you write down everything that goes through your head, don’t try to analyze or overthink why it occurred to you. The clarity will come through the connection and patterns in the answers.

Daily Tune-In

Pick a friend and at the same time each day, you both sit quietly and think about the other person. You both will imagine the other person and use your subtle senses to connect with what that other person had been doing before the agreed upon time. Try this daily for a minimum of 21 days.

Psychic Abilities

The term “psychic” is used to describe people who are said to have the ability to perceive information beyond what is considered “normal”. In my last few articles about subtle senses and frequency, we have been exploring these extraordinary abilities that lie within all of us.

This includes the ability to predict the future, read minds, and know things by simply tuning within. Psychic ability is at the root of all divination tools and are a natural part of human existence. They are our ability to connect with and take in more information.

You can continue to refine and develop your ability to discern what is best for your future. Remember that you are using your own abilities, not anything outside of you.

Try the following:

  • strengthen your subtle senses
  • meditate to develop that inner listening
  • Clear the mind daily by writing down thoughts
  • Check in with your body before every decision to see if there are signs for you

As you become more skilled, you will be able to project yourself into your potential futures to gain clarity on the best step for you to take. This comes with alignment of your left and right brain as well as your heart center and more primitive gut instinct.

Do you already have a favorite tool for divination? If not, see if any of these resonate.

In warmth,


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