Connecting with Intuition Through ESP


Ways to Discover and Develop Your Extrasensory Perception

We all have the innate ability to develop our psychic gifts. But it’s not commonly understood and is often stigmatized. Psychic abilities are just a part of our natural human ability that we can develop if we are open to that understanding.

In my last post, I explored what the specific ways to perceive intuitive information were. In this post we will look at three of the most common subtle senses and how you can connect with them more deeply.

There are various ways to develop psychic talents and your intuition. You might already find for example, that you are naturally inclined to channel energy in healing sessions, see visions, or communicate and travel outside of the time space paradigm.

It is helpful to see what you are already doing naturally and then strengthen those skills. This article will help you discover what your dominant psychic or subtle senses are and find simple ways of using them in your life.

To develop your psychic abilities, find a practice that makes you feel comfortable and one that you will use regularly. We have seen through studies that the neuropathways in our brain where information travels are strengthened through repetition. Practice makes perfect. By taking the time to refine your connection to your intuition through your subtle senses, you will notice that they become more accessible and easier with every session.

To better use your psychic senses, choose a technique below that resonates with you and focus on it for several weeks or months. If one method doesn’t resonate, try another until you find the one that fits best for you at this time. We each tend to have a dominant subtle sense, but can develop all of them if we choose. In this post we will explore the three main subtle senses (feeling, hearing and sight).

1. Practice Clairsentience

Clairsentience is how we know things about an individual or situation through the felt sense. It is a type of extrasensory perception, which is an extension of human senses and abilities. The term clairsentience comes from the Latin words Clair meaning “clear,” and “sentience,” meaning “to feel.”

Clairsentient people have a strong feeling about things but may not have a logical reason to support that feeling. Clairsentients are often compelled to share their feelings with others who may need support or guidance.

A simple way to tune into this psychic sense is to tune into how you feel whenever you enter a new situation in your day. When you get into your car, when you enter a group, when you are at your workplace, when you are out running an errand. See if you can decipher between what you are feeling and the energy you are feeling around you.

Also, when you are faced with a decision close your eyes and imagine the situation after you say yes, how do you feel? Then imagine yourself saying no – how do you feel. Make note of the feelings and see how they correspond to the outcome in physical reality. As you practice you will start to see that in most cases your felt sense accurately predicted which outcome served you best.

2. Practice Clairvoyance

Clairvoyance involves the subtle sense of seeing and many of us have this as our dominant subtle sense. Clairvoyance or subtle sight is the ability of a person to receive information through images. These people will see outcomes and perceive energy in their mind’s eye.

Many people can find it difficult to understand what they see when they practice clairvoyance because they don’t allow themselves enough time to process the information.

One technique for strengthening the gift of subtle sight is to use visualization combined with the alpha brain state. When you do this regularly, your left and right brain will be more coherent and will work together to help you receive intuitive information and then be able to process it consciously.

Sit in a quiet space and ask for pictures to come into your mind about any specific issue or life area. Ask questions and notice what pictures or moving images show up in your mind. It may seem like it is simply your imagination, but clairvoyance uses the same areas in your brain to show these pictures as it does to actively take part in those situations and as you refine your ability to decipher the images, you will see more clarity in the guidance your subtle sight provides.

3. Clairaudience

Clairaudience is a form of extrasensory perception that involves receiving information through hearing. This includes sounds, voices including you hearing your own voice, whispers, and even your thoughts.

Interestingly, science is now able to measure a thought outside of the physical body before it enters the brain. Subtle hearing is intuitive thought.

You can strengthen your subtle sense of hearing through a variety of practices, such as meditation and chanting.

Psychic hearing can be a powerful gift. Do you often hear a song in your head that you haven’t heard in a long time? How often do you hear background sounds in a particular song? Is your inner voice quite loud?

To practice using this sense, pay attention to the sounds that come into your mind. Enter various situations, clear your mind and notice what information comes to you through your hearing and thought.

You can also practice clairaudience by connecting with different sounds such as nature, human speaking such as during mantras, animal sounds, and more. Listen for specific words or phrases that may come up from these sounds.

Maintain a High Frequency

It is easiest to tune into our subtle sense when our physical senses are at peace. Take care of your physical body so that you can strengthen your intuitive body. If you are often emotionally triggered, explore some healing options to release the confines of beliefs that may be hindering access to your intuitive senses.

How Can Your Intuitive Gifts Help You and the World?

Your subtle senses can support you on your life path, and they can also be valuable to you when connecting with others. You can use your intuition to help you in your healing sessions, to help others move forward in alignment and to slip into the flow of life so that synchronicity becomes an everyday occurrence.

Have fun practicing with each of your subtle senses and watch as it becomes stronger.

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P.S. Journalling and keeping track of intuitive messages you receive can be so helpful in making the connections and understanding the information. Download the pdf guide below to help you gain clarity on the messages your subtle senses are sending you.

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