Cypress Essential Oil – Energetic Uses & Benefits

Cypress is an amazing essential oil.

On an energetic level, we want things to flow. We want to avoid stagnation and blockages. Cypress can help with that.

In life, when things occur, we either accept or resist them. It is our beliefs that dictate which one we choose. What we resist persists, because our resistance is a sign that there is healing to be done. Cypress can help us to surrender to the experience so that we can gain the wisdom from it.

When we are open to the world around us, without trying to control it, we fall into the flow of life. There is an ease that joins us and clarity occurs.

So – how can you use Cypress to receive these benefits? You can inhale the oil by using a diffuser. This can help when you want to get unstuck in general in your life.

Topical application of Cypress is helpful when you want to focus the flow and can be one drop in a tablespoon of carrier oil and then applied to a specific area of your body.

Apply Cypress to your:

Crown chakra to get energy flowing around your beliefs about Source and your connection with the divine.

Third eye chakra (avoid eyes) to enhance the flow of energy connected to your intuition.

Throat chakra to help release any beliefs blocking your ability to speak your truth.

Heart center to open up the area and allow energy to flow through your beliefs and memories around love.

Solar plexus chakra to surrender any limiting beliefs you have around yourself and your power.

Sacral chakra to help balance the flow of energy around your sexuality and sensuality as well as your ability to create.

Bottoms of your feet to help you surrender to the knowledge that you are safe and connected.

You can also include Cypress in any of your blends to ensure that the beliefs, memories and energy that is not serving you flows to be balanced so you can return to your natural high resonance.

I hope you have fun exploring how Cypress essential oil can help your energetic self.

In warmth,


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