Clearing Your Energy & Space with Reiki & Essential Oils

Space clearing with reiki and essential oils

If this guide peaks your interest, it is likely because at some point in time you have entered a space that made you feel uncomfortable in some way. You may have noticed the hair on your arms raise or you may have felt the desire to leave. You may find that in certain spaces you and your family tend to have disagreements.

Just as we impact the spaces we spend time in, they also impact us. If a lot of dissonant energy plays out in a space, it can shift it’s resonance to align with that dissonance. So if in a space there has been a heavy amount of emotions such as anger, grief or sadness, that space can align with those frequencies. Then when you enter that space, at first it can feel uncomfortable but over time, you can then align with that anger, grief and sadness.

One thing that should be made clear is that no energy is “negative”. Just as color has a spectrum, energy does as well and to say that a lower frequency is bad while a higher frequency is good, is not helpful or accurate.

This is why someone may walk into a room and feel at home while someone else may come in and feel very unwelcome. All frequencies are needed in this world.

Just as your body needs lower frequencies to stabilize your muscles and bones as well as higher frequencies to align with your emotions and thoughts, our world needs the range of energy.

That being said, it is important that the spaces you frequent align with you and your ideal self. Something to note is that even higher frequencies can be uncomfortable for you because they are dissonant.

In meditation, it used to be thought that the goal of meditation was to get to the deepest state of consciousness. This is usually coined with the term Gamma at the top end or delta at the bottom end and refers to the brain wave state when the bodymind is in deep meditation.

Over the years however, what has been made more clear is that it is more than getting to one state that is the goal for heightened awareness, rather it is one’s ability to shift easily from one state to another.

Just as with levels of awareness, our goal in your spaces is to have them align with your energy but also be able to entrain you to more optimal states of being.

So, if you have a tendency to connect with the emotion of grief, you can use your space to help you process that and shift into an awareness of gratitude.

Why Reiki and Essential Oils?

Reiki uses universal life force energy that surrounds us and is within us.

It is a creative energy that helps us to manifest our reality and our bodies and the world use this energy to sustain ourselves.

Reiki energy is powerful but it is a neutral energy, so bringing it into a space that needs to be cleared is the equivalent of hosing down a muddy space but on an energetic level. It will neutralize the energy so you can shift it into alignment with your own or with your goals.

Essential oils are aromatic compounds that are extracted from the bark, leaves, stems, flowers and roots of plants. On an energetic level, plants have an energetic reach that far surpasses their physical footprint and are powerful. High quality essential oils hold that energetic resonance and can be used to help shift a space into a very specific energetic frequency depending on your needs.

I do have to say that I used essential oils for decades before I really understood the importance of selecting top quality essential oils. These must be oils that are grown in climates and soil they are native to, that are grown and harvested naturally, without synthetic contaminants and then distilled and tested at each stage to ensure that the oil you are getting is pure, potent and unadulterated. Believe me – on an energetic and physical level, you will feel the difference.

If you do not have essential oils you love and trust, my Essential Oil Alchemy program includes the best quality oils and how use them safely and effectively for your body, energy and life.

Reiki and essential oils can be powerful tools to help you do this.

  1. Your first step is to explore the spaces you frequent and see if they do indeed need clearing.You will do this by entering the room, closing your eyes and taking a deep breath in. Hold it for a second and then release completely. Do this a few times.Now close your eyes and ask yourself, “How do I feel in this space?”. Your answer will tell you if you need to take some time to clear it. Trust yourself.

Once you know you need to clear a space, you can make a note of it including how you were feeling in the space. Go through each room in your home and workspace to get a baseline of the energy around you. You can also make note of positive feelings you have in your spaces.

2. Now, take a little time and reflect on how you felt in each space. Expand on those feelings. For example, our bedroom is a place where we need peace and rest. If you felt stagnant in the room for example, how does that connect with your life?

Our kitchens are places where we nourish ourselves. If you felt anger in your kitchen, how does that relate to how you feed your body and soul? Bathrooms are spaces where we release and cleanse. If you felt despair in your bathroom for example, how does that connect with the way you process things and release them?

Taking this time will give you some clarity and insight regarding how your life impacts your spaces and vice versa.

3. Now, I want you to take a little time to think about how you want to feel in your spaces and life. Write down those feelings. Do you want to feel inspired in your office, relaxed in your bedroom, loving in your living room etc.? Write those down.

Essential Oils and Clearing Your Space

Clearing & releasing Crystal Grid

As I mentioned, each plant and essential oil has very specific energetic properties you can use. There are many oils that can be helpful in clearing your space. Here are some oils you can consider using to clear your space.

Clove on an energetic level is known as a boundary oil. It can help you to strengthen your resolve and say no to others while saying yes to your highest good. Sometimes we can feel we are victims to our circumstances and Clove essential oil can help us to extend our energetic circle of influence.

Lemongrass can help us and our spaces by cleansing dissonant energy, beliefs, thoughts and emotions. Do not be surprised after you use this oil if you find yourself de-cluttering and releasing old items that do not serve you and your highest self.

Lime essential oil can help to clear a space when the frequency is connected with despair and a lack of enthusiasm for life. Lime can help to shift that resonance into heart centered frequencies such as courage and authenticity.

Tea Tree or Melaleuca essential oil is a very powerful oil for energetic clearing. It can help to clear ourselves and our spaces of invasions that are not serving us. It can help us to gain clarity around why we attracted toxic people or relationships to us so that we can heal those parts of ourselves and attract healthy people and relationships that serve our highest good.

Oregano is an essential oil that can help us to release our attachments to things that are not good for us. These may be beliefs, life circumstances such as a job that drains us or a relationship that hurts us. This oil helps us to see the things that truly matter in our life.

Frankincense is known as the king of oils because it is considered to be extremely potent on a physical and energetic level. Frankincense can help us to see the truth rather than the information filtered through our beliefs, thoughts and memories. It can serve as an energetic shield from dissonance and help to raise our awareness.

There are many more oils you can use as you feel called to.

Once you have your oils filling your space, sit down in the middle of it. Take a few deep breaths and allow your mind to clear. As you breathe, smell the oils and connect them with your intentions of shifting the energy that is dissonant around you. You will then visualize the Reiki symbols as described below.

Now, visualize the reverse Cho Ku Rei (CKR). This is the reverse of the traditional CKR and from a sacred geometry perspective helps to unravel energy that is not serving us. Sometimes imbalances within and around us are a tangled web of memories, beliefs and emotions and the reverse CKR defragments everything so we can see clearly.

Allow the reverse CKR to rise above your head in your mind’s eye. Observe as it travels around the room, into the corners, along the walls from floor to ceiling. See it beam Reiki energy until it fills the space.

Now visualize the traditional CKR. This symbols is also known as the power symbol and can bring in resonant energy. With everything in the open, we will use the CKR to amplify the process. See the CKR beam Reiki as it moves around your space.

You will visualize Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen now. This symbol will bring forth any unprocessed memories, emotions, beliefs and energy from the past that has contributed to the imbalances you are working with. Allow it to radiate Reiki as it connects with everything that needs to be addressed.

Visualize the Sei He Ki. This symbol will assist in clearing any residual emotional trauma connected to you and the space. Watch as it gently glides around the room, with Reiki energy beaming from it.

In your mind’s eye, visualize the Dai Ko Myo. This Master symbol will help transmute energy within a space and within yourself from past generations. Visualize it as it hovers in the center of the room. Imagine it is a magnet, attracting everything that has been brought here to be healed.

You will now take another few deep breaths, and draw Reiki energy into your bodymind. Feel it filling you up from your feet, up your legs, into your torso, abdomen, chest arms and head. Now imagine you are a lantern, shining Reiki energy and lighting up your space. Spend a little time spreading your light.

Space Clearing with Reiki and Essential Oils Diagram. 1. Get a read on the space. 2. Set your intentions for the new resonance 3. Choose essential oils to clear 4. Visualize the Reiki Symbols 5. Diffuse a new essential oil blend

You have now cleared your space! This may seem like a lot, but once you complete one room, the rest will be easier.

Now that you have cleared your space, you can think about how you want each room to feel. Do you want to feel creative or passionate? Do you want a space to energize you or help you find serenity? This again is where essential oils can come in.

Here are a few oils that can be helpful in creating an intention filled space:

Setting intentions in your space with essential oils

You can use a single oil or create a blend to help your freshly cleared space align with the resonance you wish.

You may find you want to clear your spaces once or twice a year or whenever you are experiencing transitions.

I hope you found this helpful.

In warmth,


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