Cleansing for a New You

I always find it so interesting that this time of year, we always feel drawn to cleansing. As the year ends, we naturally reflect on our journey, connect with those who are in our soul circles and prepare for the year ahead. I also find that in the Spring, when the weather warms is a beautiful time to detoxify and release. I hope that no matter what time of year you connect with this – that you find it helpful.

Our bodies are constantly in a state of maintaining balance. A part of that is discarding what no longer serves the purpose of your highest good. From the chemicals that we consume and come into contact with, to the debris from cells that have done their work, our bodies are always renewing and restoring.

With the increase in synthetics and our decreased access to nutrients in our food, our bodies can benefit from a little assistance in helping it to cleanse and detoxify.

Although I have taught about health and wellness for decades now, I always put myself last on the priority list. My clients or students and then my family came first and I slowly deteriorated on a physical level because I just wasn’t dedicating the time or energy for myself – always for others. When I began using doTERRA oils, something in me awakened and little by little I began taking more time for myself. I turned my morning routine into a sacred ritual and using my oils every day is now a necessary luxury that I know I am worthy of.

What took my wellness regimen to the next level was the doTERRA supplements. I admit I was pretty snobby with my supplements and thought what I was taking before was superior. As I heard story after story about the Lifelong Vitality and Cleanse and Restore supplements (life changing stories), I decided to give them a try. The changes were significant. My skin cleared, my mood lifted, my energy increased tremendously and I am still experiencing positive shifts. For that reason, I knew I needed to share these with anyone who was open to them.

I invite you to join me if you are feeling ready to cleanse. We will be using the doTERRA Cleanse & Restore kit as the foundation of our program with additional essential oil protocols and many other helpful tips to get you on track. From more radiant skin and weight management to increased energy levels and mood, completing a cleanse can fuel your body, mind and spirit. Completing a cleanse with our community means you will also receive:

  • A ton of education about the power of doTERRA essential oils and supplements as a part of a cleansing routine
  • A supportive online community while you complete your protocols
  • Guided meditations and reflections to help your energetic clearing
  • An eBook you can use to track your progress and reference for detailed information

For more information and your starter guide, please click here.

I look forward to helping you release what is not serving you so you can create space for what will.

In warmth,


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