Yoga and Essential Oils

Yoga is such a beautiful practice that elevates your body, mind and energy. I wanted to take a little time to share with you how essential oils can deepen and expand your yoga practice. Essential oils are liquid essence that a plant produces to perform a variety of functions. These oils can come from bark,…

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What Your Body is Trying to Tell You

I stubbed my pinkie toe about 5 times over the span of a couple weeks until I finally broke it. As it healed, I also began stubbing my other pinkie toe. Was this a coincidence? No. What was happening was my body was trying to create balance in a specific area of my body and…

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How to Balance Your Chakras with Essential Oils

Our chakras are major energy centers that help us to bring in and transmute energy. When a chakra is not in balance, we tend to express that in certain ways emotionally and physically. As you read the descriptions and view the images, take time to tune into each chakra. Breathe THE ROOT CHAKRA -LOCATION: Base…

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Mastering Your Metabolism with Essential Oils

Our metabolism is a complex process that involves our immune, nervous, digestive and endocrine systems. So many factors influence it from what we eat and drink to how we sleep, our age, activity levels and stress. Many of us put other’s needs before our own and our level of self-care drops as we juggle the…

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How to Clean with Essential Oils

Essential oils are a wonderful way to support your body, mind and spirit. Another way they can be very powerful is by using them to replace chamical laden cleaners in your home. Not only are they less irritating to our respiratory and immune systems, they can actually support them as well as our nervous system.…

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Cleansing for a New You

I always find it so interesting that this time of year, we always feel drawn to cleansing. As the year ends, we naturally reflect on our journey, connect with those who are in our soul circles and prepare for the year ahead. I also find that in the Spring, when the weather warms is a…

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How to Balance Your Chakras

Learn how to tell if your chakras are imbalanced and simple, yet powerful protocols to align them.