Using Moon Cycles for Manifesting

As the energy of the earth and the energy impacting earth (and us) increases in frequency and resonance, I thought it was important to explore how you can align your personal energy with that of the earth - and in this post - specifically the cycles of the moon so...

Habits for a Calm and Peaceful Day

Do you get up in the morning already feeling rushed? Do you find it difficult to be present because you are always thinking about your to-do list or the next place you need to be? Do you find yourself getting set off by the little things and then regretting your...

How to Create a High Vibe Home with Crystals and Essential Oils

We spend a lot of time in our homes. It is the place we rest and in most cases nourish ourselves. In this post, you will learn how to shift the energy of your home to align with your ideal self and life. Have you ever walked into a space...

Yoga and Essential Oils

Yoga is such a beautiful practice that elevates your body, mind and energy. I wanted to take a little time to share with you how essential oils can deepen and expand your yoga practice. Essential oils are liquid essence that a plant produces to perform a variety of functions. These...

What Your Body is Trying to Tell You

I stubbed my pinkie toe about 5 times over the span of a couple weeks until I finally broke it. As it healed, I also began stubbing my other pinkie toe. Was this a coincidence? No. What was happening was my body was trying to create balance in a specific...

How to Balance Your Chakras with Essential Oils

Our chakras are major energy centers that help us to bring in and transmute energy. When a chakra is not in balance, we tend to express that in certain ways emotionally and physically. As you read the descriptions and view the images, take time to tune into each chakra. Breathe...

How to Balance Your Chakras

Learn how to tell if your chakras are imbalanced, how that is impacting your life and some simple, but powerful ways you can balance them quickly.
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