Special Essential Oil Offers

Free Oils in October

I know I say this often, but these monthly free oils always seem to be THE ones I am in need of ? This month, if you place a 200PV order (like the Home Essentials Kit above), you get a bottle of Copaiba softgels, a bottle of Copaiba essential oil...

Frankincense – Connecting with the Divine

It is helpful to reflect on the events and achievements you experienced in the past months. Seeing what has shifted for you and what has stayed the same can help you to map out your future. We know that our energy attracts more of the same frequency so it is...

November Special Offers

This week from November 19-23, doTERRA has BOGO week where you can purchase one oil and get another one free. So for example, we got a sneak peek and on Monday the 19th if you purchase a bottle of OnGuard, you get a bottle of Breathe for free! You can...

October Special Offers

We have a lot of exciting new products that have been released this month and some special oils that you can get for free this month that we normally cannot get. So, let's get started! Each year at the Global doTERRA convention, new products are released and with this being...

Essential Oil Holiday Gifts for 2018

I love choosing gifts for those I love each year. Ideally they are things that will be helpful and cherished, rather than collecting dust or re-gifted. I wanted to provide you with some things I am really excited about giving this year. There is a gift for everyone here. Personally,...

September Special Offer

I have been watching the livestream of the doTERRA Convention the past couple of days and my conviction in the power of essential oils and the doTERRA community keeps growing stronger and stronger. From opening healthcare clinics where essential oils are a standard part of physician protocol to cancer research...

How to Balance Your Chakras

Learn how to tell if your chakras are imbalanced, how that is impacting your life and some simple, but powerful ways you can balance them quickly.
Learn How to Balance Your Chakras - Free Workshop