Being Present

On an energetic level, when we breathe, we are processing the energy we are taking in from around us as well as the emotions we are experiencing. When something happens that we do not feel capable of processing, we store it. You will notice when you are in great fear...
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Releasing Your Past

Each year, there are key moments when we feel called to create a fresh start. For me, I find January and September to be pivotal moments. During those times, you might feel called to declutter your home, adopt a cleaner eating routine, or embrace a new habit that nourishes you....
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Life Lessons

If you have taken my Reiki Level I, II and Master course online you know that I start with one of my favorite quotes: "when the student is ready, the teacher appears".   In my life, I find my "teachers" can appear when I am in one of two states....
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