Forgiveness, Cleansing & Enlightenment

Dear Soul? How are you doing? Slowly we are adjusting to new rhythms and I thought it would be helpful to spend a little time in reflection together. I pulled some cards to bring some focus to the energetic shifts we are experiencing. My intention is that as you read...

Habits for a Calm and Peaceful Day

Do you get up in the morning already feeling rushed? Do you find it difficult to be present because you are always thinking about your to-do list or the next place you need to be? Do you find yourself getting set off by the little things and then regretting your...


Phew - energetically, it feels like we have come out of another wormhole doesn't it? Lately I haven't had any words. Sometimes, the words I do have are not right. This is truly an experiential moment where everything needs to be felt rather than intellectualized. I have edited this post...

Expansion, Cleansing & Hope

Okay - I admit it. I am shifty….lol? I can feel that I am about to embark on a new level of awareness when things are so uncomfortable that I can't stand being inside of myself. I keenly feel the desire to step out of my skin and start fresh....

Your Past, Present & Future

My ? sees your ?and I am giving you a big hug. Please take this moment and breathe. A deep breath will help you to process all of the things you are feeling. Now take another deep breath and bring in pure, clean energy. As you exhale, release any energy...

Being Present

On an energetic level, when we breathe, we are processing the energy we are taking in from around us as well as the emotions we are experiencing. When something happens that we do not feel capable of processing, we store it. You will notice when you are in great fear...

How to Balance Your Chakras

Learn how to tell if your chakras are imbalanced, how that is impacting your life and some simple, but powerful ways you can balance them quickly.
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