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How to Ask Your Angels for Guidance

I had been struggling a bit. Nothing seemed to be flowing and I felt like I was efforting to create in my life (which we know is not effective). I had a friend gift an energetic reading to me and the first thing the Intuitive said was – “Your Guides are here with you.” I…

How to Manifest

We are slowly beginning to understand that our physical reality – what we are able to perceive through our senses is a result of us focusing our attention and bringing possibilities from the quantum field into existence. So – if we are creators of our worlds, why don’t we have exactly what we desire? I…

A Deeper Look into the 5 Principles of Reiki

These days, we are all familiar with the concept of affirmations and the power the spoken word and thoughts we hold have over our actions and lives. With Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work, we see how a molecule of water is impacted by the phrase: “You make me sick” and knowing we are over 98% water,…

Essential Oils for Travel

Essential oils can be a safe, effective and natural way to provide support for you when you are traveling. Here is a replay of a class I taught to my oil community in facebook. Make sure you download the guide that accompanies the class below. I hope you find it helpful.

Essential Oils for Men

When I first began using essential oils, my husband loved the smells but didn’t understand how he could use them. Over time, when things came up, I would mention I had an oil that could help and he began to explore. Now, when he has a sensitive stomach – he asks for DigestZen. If he…

Yoga and Essential Oils

Yoga is such a beautiful practice that elevates your body, mind and energy. I wanted to take a little time to share with you how essential oils can deepen and expand your yoga practice. Essential oils are liquid essence that a plant produces to perform a variety of functions. These oils can come from bark,…

Essential Oil First Aid Kit

Here is a video of the oils I keep handy in my own First Aid kit. It is so nice to know I have safe, natural and effective solutions for so many of my day to day needs. For a free 30 page guide that shows you how you can create your own natural kit,…

Cypress Essential Oil – Energetic Uses & Benefits

Cypress is an amazing essential oil. If you are not familiar with the physical benefits, we explore it in our Essential Oils for Life program. On an energetic level, we want things to flow. We want to avoid stagnation and blockages. Cypress can help with that. In life, when things occur, we either accept or…

Sever the Sabotage Essential Oil Blend

Ready to let go of some habits or beliefs that are not serving you? This blend will help you to stop sabotaging yourself so you can embrace your potential and power – sharing the gifts you came into this world to share 🙂 ?Black Pepper – in some cases the sabotage is so deeply rooted,…


Our bodies are in a constant state of regeneration. Cells are created, and then when their utility is lost, die – to make way for new healthy cells. We obtain the energy needed to fuel this renewal from our food, water, the sun and the energy around us. It is thought that our energetic bodies…


How to Balance Your Chakras

Learn how to tell if your chakras are imbalanced, how that is impacting your life and some simple, but powerful ways you can balance them quickly.
Learn How to Balance Your Chakras - Free Workshop