August Special Offers – Manuka, Litsea and On Guard

This month is a special one because I am getting essential oils I have never had the pleasure of experiencing before – Litsea and Manuka. I have not been able to get these because they are usually only available in Australia and New Zealand, so I was really excited when I found out I could actually get them for free this month (and I will show you how you can too).

Manuka comes from the Myrtle family of plants which includes Eucalyptus and Tea Tree.

It is available in Touch form – already diluted with fractionated coconut oil so it is very easy to apply. Here are some ways you can benefit from using Manuka. Reducing stress and promoting relaxation are two amazing benefits of this oil. We all know how our ability to move through our days is impacted when we are stressed. Everything is a bit slower and more difficult. Manuka can help ease that stress and increase feelings of well-being so we can see more clearly, get more done and feel more grace.

Manuka is also wonderful for the skin. You can use this roll on along the back of your neck to support your brain and nervous system or as a skin spot-treatment as needed. Manuka has been studied because of it’s antimicrobial, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.

  • Roll onto your neck before or during meditation or yoga, to help ground and center your energies and emotions.
  • Manuka blends well with Peppermint and Bergamot as a personal fragrance. Layer them onto your skin one at a time, first by rolling on Manuka, then roll on some Peppermint Touch and a drop of Bergamot to the desired area.
  • Change is inevitable. Whether we choose the next path or not, all you need is a few minutes of courage to get to that next step. Roll Manuka into your palms, cup your hands over your nose, and inhale to promote courage and inner strength.
  • Add it to your skin care routine to help keep your skin clean and clear.
  • Blemishes can sometimes happen in spite of our best efforts. Fortunately, Manuka helps to reduce the appearances of blemishes.

Litsea has high amounts of the constituent Geranial and Neral which can also be found in Melissa and Lemongrass. This oil supports the cardiovascular, immune, nervous, and respiratory systems as well as providing an uplifting energy for your emotions. You can diffuse this or apply it to the soles of your feet and along your spine. Here are some additional ways you can use Litsea:

  • Diffuse or apply one to two drops to a piece of clothing to promote feelings of balance throughout the day.
  • Create your own blend by combining with complimentary oils such as Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Rose, Sandalwood, Frankincense, Geranium, Vetiver, or Fennel.
  • Diffuse during meditation to help clear your mind and rejuvenate energy.
  • Use outdoors to help keep pests away.

As I mentioned, these oils hail from Australia and New Zealand and are usually only available there because of the small amounts available, but this month doTERRA is making them available – and – free!

If you are already a member of my doTERRA community, you can go into your doTERRA account and shop. Ordering from your Loyalty Rewards cart will also get you an additional free oil – On Guard. You will need to order 200PV to get the three free oils and you will also get your shipping and rewards points for your order.

If you are new to doTERRA, join us! Our community is focused on education and using essential oils to help you and your family create a balanced and happy life. Click here to Shop or message me and I can help you get started.

If you are eager to go, the Home Essentials kit is the way I got started and has the top 10 oils as well as a diffuser. With that, you will get Manuka, Litsea and On Guard for free this month only.

Once you try these oils, let me know what your favorite way to use them is.

In warmth (with some Litsea for inspiration),


P.S. Want more information about how to use Litsea and Manuka? Click here to watch a video tutorial.

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