Phew – energetically, it feels like we have come out of another wormhole doesn’t it? Lately I haven’t had any words. Sometimes, the words I do have are not right. This is truly an experiential moment where everything needs to be felt rather than intellectualized.

I have edited this post a dozen times and debated whether or not to share it, but I have had countless light-seeker friends and students reach out to me because they have been so out of sorts and I felt called to share what I hope will help us all to create shifts.

It can be tempting right now to try to focus on this physical, 3 dimensional plane and specific events, but I really encourage you to elevate your awareness to see a bigger picture here.

If you are unsure about what I am referring to, just go back to your basic law of attraction. What you focus on – you attract. What emotions are you connecting with most now? What colors and symbols are you using to express yourself? What physical and verbal actions are you taking or not taking? Are they in line with your ideal life?

If you have been feeling like you are being tossed back and forth energetically and emotionally lately, there are some things you can do to smooth out the ride.

First – you will need to start asking questions. You need to look at the energetic ramifications. Look at the global collective and the energy of our collective. Are events this year raising our frequencies into resonance, or lowering them into chaos?

Only once you have a deeper understanding of what is really going on, will you be able to move forward. If you are struggling with this, use Frankincense (a drop on your third eye and crown chakras) and take some time to reflect.

I pulled some cards to help create an energetic session for us to help us process and shift. They have also given a little context where some of this information can come through. If you are in my essential oil community, and have these oils, pull them out and center yourself. If you also work with Reiki, draw it in.

The Past – Mind, Background


Once you start to understand the play of energy that has been happening, and who the players are, we need to forgive. It is easier to blame and stay in a place of anger, but forgiveness is what will help you ascend. We live in a dualistic world, where lightness and darkness need each other to exist, so we also need to forgive and understand that we are all one.

If you have the Forgive Blend, apply 2 drops to your heart center and 1 drop rubbed around your belly button. This will help you to release the pain, fear and anger and move into a place of love and acceptance.

If you work with Reiki, use your CKR symbol to dispel any dissonance, followed by the SHK to restore emotional balance and the non-traditional CKR to bring in additional resonance.

The Present – Body, Problem


Have you felt called to take action lately? That is your higher self seeing what is happening and asking you to step up. The key here is that your actions need to align with light, peace and harmony. Many people are taking action through fear, violence and discord – the action you take needs to be personal and you stepping up into your power as a miraculous being of light.

If you are not sure what action you can take, use your Motivate Blend and apply a couple drops on the back of your neck, and bottom of your spine. Then reflect on how you can share your love today.

If you work with Reiki, before you take any major action or speak in public, draw in Reiki energy and see if your deeds and actions are aligned with peace and love.

The Future – Spirit, Advice


This card really hits home for me. You know when you are watching a movie and you can see what is coming, but the hero has no idea? My kids love to shout “there – look out, behind you!” when they see the fox coming to take Dora’s treasures. Have you felt this? Like you see what is happening and what is coming, but no one else can?

Our first instinct is to try to disconnect, escape, or hide and be silent. That will not work if we want to rise up. Instead, once we have an understanding of the energetic plan of all this, we have forgiven all of the energies involved and taken action, declaring our personal freedoms as a human being – we need to stay present. We need to stay connected with our higher selves and make our decisions with that inner voice.

Use your Vetiver oil and put a few drops on the bottom of your feet, rub your hands together and inhale a few times.

Draw Reiki energy in through your crown and down through your feet into the ground. Any time you are feeling out of sorts with your environment, do this.

Know that in this time, there is a tremendous opportunity for us to take a quantum leap into higher levels of awareness.

We will move through this, and you will be more clear about your priorities and purpose here. Please do your best to question everything, see the bigger energetic picture, forgive us all and claim your rightful place as a beautiful soul on earth.

In warmth,


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