Allowing Abundance to Flow

Abundance as a Lightworker

As a lightworker, you are here to shine your light and uplift humanity. An essential part of your soul’s purpose is being able to support yourself financially so you can focus on your spiritual mission. Abundance allows you to generously share your gifts while taking care of your needs. The universe wants you to thrive, not just survive. By following these 7 steps, you can attract more wealth, prosperity and abundance into your life.

1. Know Your Worth

The first step is to fully know, acknowledge and believe that you are worthy and deserving of abundance. Any lingering beliefs that abundance is wrong or negatively judge wealthy people will block you from attracting it. Do the inner work to clear out poverty consciousness and replace it with worthiness.

2. Set Clear Intentions

Be very specific when setting your intentions to attract abundance. Write down exact dollar amounts you want to earn or have in savings and the date you want to achieve it by. Describe your dream lifestyle in detail. The universe can’t deliver what you don’t clearly ask for, so get ultra-clear on your deepest desires.

3. Energetically Align

Make sure your energetic frequency and vibes match the abundance you seek. Stay positive, grateful, excited and passionate. Be generous and loving. The universe mirrors back to you your dominant energetic state, so make it a wealthy and abundant one!

4. Take Inspired Action

Once you set your intentions, listen for inner guidance on any actions to take. This may involve starting a new business, asking for a raise, or applying for your dream job. Inspired action is different from mindless busywork – it feels good, purposeful and intuitively guided.

5. Use Affirmations

While in that high vibe state, speak abundance affirmations out loud daily. For example, “I am attracting wealth and prosperity with ease” or “Divine riches flow to me now.” Affirmations reprogram your subconscious mind to new beliefs. Say them with conviction until they feel true.

6. Visualize Abundantly

Spend time each day visualizing your abundant life as if it is already here. Imagine the feelings of earning more, owning your dream home, or traveling in luxury. Make your visualizations as vivid as possible. This sends a message to the quantum field to manifest this new reality.

7. Stay in Faith and Allow

Once you set your intention and take action, you must let go and have faith. Avoid obsessing over “how” your abundance will manifest. The universe’s timing and ways are infinite. Instead know it is on its way and gratefully allow it to come to you. Stay in a state of trust.

By following these 7 advanced steps, you activate the natural flow of abundance available to you as a divine lightworker. Your soul’s purpose is supported when you have the resources to share your spiritual gifts powerfully. Know you are worthy, get clear, take action and then allow miracles to unfold. The universe wants you to thrive in wealth and prosperity.

Embrace the Flow of Abundance

Allowing abundance to flow into your life requires conscious effort, a positive mindset, and actionable steps. By shifting your perspective, embracing gratitude, and taking inspired action, you can create a life rich with opportunities, connections, and fulfillment. Abundance is not a distant dream—it’s a state of mind you can cultivate and experience every day.

Action Steps

You may have read this and thought, “I already know this!” The key is, are you embodying it? Here are some simple steps you can take to begin integrating the information into your life. I encourage you to get cozy and take a little time with this.

  1. Where in your life are things stuck, or not flowing the way you would like them to (career, finances, relationships, health, spiritual connection, personal growth)?
  2. When it comes to abundance in each area, how do you feel about those who are very abundant (ex: rich people, enlightened individuals etc.)
  3. If you looked at your desires, your mindset, and your actions – are they all in alignment?
  4. If one of those things (desires, mindset, actions) is not aligned, what is one simple step you can take to bring them back into alignment?


  1. Nancy Ackerman on October 11, 2023 at 12:21 pm

    I love this! I will begin practicing today. Thank you!

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