Aligning with Health

Our physical bodies are a reflection of our energetic bodies and by balancing one, you impact the other.

Our bodies are meant to repair and renew. So, why does that process falter at times? It can be connected with physical and energetic nourishment we are not providing ourselves, and toxic energy and elements in our environment.

Here is a meditation you can use to help you connect with the resonance of health. Just listen and breathe.

If you feel you have some significant work to do, adding essential oils to your meditation routine can align your energetic and physical bodies and help you transition more smoothly and quickly.

An amazing essential oil blend I love to use with this work is Deep Blue. Although this blend is well known to soothe physical pain, it can also help us to process the emotional and energetic pain that we are storing.

Deep Blue will help you to observe the energy, memories and thoughts and truly know that they are NOT you. Rather, they are a part of your experience. Deep Blue will help take you out of the storm and into your calm center.

As the Observer, you can more easily see the wisdom that you can take from your past experiences to help you fulfill your purpose as you move forward.

I have put together some questions you can reflect on in the morning and evening in the guide below as well as affirmations to help you stay aligned.

I hope you find this helpful.

In warmth,

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