Manifest Your Ideal Life with AgapeMind


  • You want to strengthen your intuition so that you don’t feel so blindsided by the events and people around you.
  • You want to release or transform the relationships in your life that are draining you to ones that light you up.
  • You want to understand what your body is trying to tell you.
  • You want to be in the right place at the right time, every day in your life.

Activate the Full Potential of Your Mind

So many people have difficulty connecting to their intuition to help them make decisions and access a deeper layer of information in our world.

This program helps you to bridge your linear left brain and intuitive right brain so that you can tap into universal wisdom and use that powerful creative force in your body, mind and life.

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The AgapeMind program will give you the tools and mental constructs you need to build your dream life.


  • Stronger intuition so they can make more aligned choices
  • To manifest more quickly - things like dream homes, amazing work, soul-filled relationships and much more
  • More synchronicity in their daily lives so they are in the right place at the right time
  • Better relationships where conflicts can be more easily resolved and they have a deeper understanding of others
  • Healing tools for the body that can be used in self-treatments or when working on others
  • And so much more…

Hi, I'm Lisa Powers

I have been teaching alternative health and wellness for the past 20 years. When I first began exploring alternative health, I learned how important it is to harness my energy and thoughts, but I had never thought of myself as intuitive.

That changed for me when I began using the tools you will learn in this program. With my AgapeMind Retreat, my life changed.

In that time I have built a successful energy medicine practice, have taught over 125,000 students and to this day use these tools to help me continue to expand my awareness and achieve the goals I set for myself. I also use these tools to deepen the relationships I have with my young children and family and so much more.

I know my success has not necessarily been because of my skills, or luck, but rather because I use the AgapeMind tools to shape my reality.

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Agapemind can be accessed on all devices

This comprehensive online program includes:

  • Easy to implement videos you can complete in under 30 minutes each day

  • Reflection handouts to ensure you are connecting with the information

  • Theory to support your understanding of why these tools are so effective

  • Step-by step guidance to create your AgapeMind Tools

  • 4 live group sessions (recording will be available)

  • Easy to access on any device (mobile app and desktop)

Ready to learn how to shift your mind, body and life?

Total value of program & bonuses: $1446 (SAVE 70%) $497

Imagine a world where you could:

  • Set aligned goals fueled with the power of universal energy
  • Access the wisdom of universal consciousness
  • Resolve conflicts with others energetically to take the drama out of situations
  • Practice and refine skills so they are enhanced in your physical reality
  • Perform self-healing while going about your day to day activities
  • Find solutions to problems and challenges using your intuition

How does it work?

  • Asset 6@2x

    Once you enroll, you will receive your login instructions and can access the recorded online lessons right away.

  • Asset 5@2x

    First we will explore the science behind the magical tools you will be using. The theory will help your logical brain understand why AgapeMind works so well.

  • Asset 4@2x

    Then, you will learn how to use the AgapeMind tools step-by step. You will practice with them and begin using them in your everyday situations.

  • Asset 3@2x

    You will have the opportunity to attend 4 group calls (1 per week) with the option to watch the recording if you cannot attend live or want to revisit the session.

  • Asset 2@2x

    You will have unlimited access to the course materials so you can refresh when you feel called to.

Manifest Your Ideal Life

Plus receive these special bonuses

Morning & Evening Routine for Manifesting with AgapeMind - a quick and powerful routine you can use every day to shift into a high energy state where you put yourself in the right place at the right time ($49 VALUE)

Recorded Healing Session for Abundance Blocks - use this session to help balance any limiting beliefs you have around abundance of health, love, joy and wealth.($99 VALUE)

How to Use AgapeMind in Your Healing Sessions - learn how to use the AgapeMind technique to gain greater clarity and guidance in your healing sessions for yourself and others.($99 VALUE)


Step out of the matrix and begin creating your own life.


Who Will Benefit the Most From This Program?


    This program will help you tap into the full potential of your intuition so that you can access zero-point field and universal consciousness.


    You can use the AgapeMind technique to gain more insight into the issues your clients are experiencing as well as tap into the healing resources universal consciousness can provide.

  • Parents & Caregivers

    You can use AgapeMind to help you connect more deeply with your children and those you care for as well as to resolve conflict.


    The AgapeMind program can help you to make the decisions you need to in your business as well as to see the imbalances and what you need to do to move forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be experienced in meditation or energy work?

No - this is not a meditation program, rather it is a set of mental tools you will learn to use and refine that you will be able to use in your regular daily activities. These tools can be applied to help you in your career, your physical performance, your relationships and every area of your life.

What makes AgapeMind different from other programs?

The tools you will learn in this program will be used not only during your quiet moments, but also when you are in the moment with eyes wide open. You can use these tools as you write a test, as you have an important conversation, as you are making the next decision, during your presentation, when you are sleeping, exercising - you name it - these tools will help you connect with universal consciousness to tap into the hidden layer of information around us.

I am so busy, how long will it take before I notice changes?

This course was designed to be explored daily in 15-20 minute increments. You will likely notice changes as soon as you begin using your tools. From increased relaxation and harmony, to a stronger sense of intuition, things will begin to shift for you.

Can I return the course?

There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the course—for any reason—just contact Lisa Powers within 14 days of purchase for a full refund, no questions asked.

Is the course available to watch on my mobile device?

The course is available through my private online learning website, so that you can listen and watch anywhere that you have internet access, whether on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Is this a certification?

You will receive a pdf certificate once you complete the course. This is a required course in order to become a practitioner within the HelioSol System. I will be offering more courses this year in that system. With this course you will be able to use the tools within your own practice and life.

Can I teach this to my clients?

This is a technique that you will use in your personal life and in your energy sessions. It will help you to strengthen your intuitive sense and gain clarity. This will not be something you can teach your clients. They would need to complete this training. There will be affiliate options you can sign up for as a former student.