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Clearing Your Energy & Space with Reiki & Essential Oils

If this guide peaks your interest, it is likely because at some point in time you have entered a space that made you feel uncomfortable in some way. You may have noticed the hair on your arms raise or you may have felt the desire to leave. You may find that in certain spaces you…

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Is Your Spirit Animal the Fox?

Is Your Spirit Animal the Fox? Sometimes when things feel difficult, it can be comforting to put a call out to the universe for support. We may ask for a sign in the form of numbers, colors, animals and more. Spirit animals also known as animal archetypes can guide us, and the messages they provide…

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Manifesting with Mantras

Meditation is an ancient practice that has been used for centuries to bring about greater peace and clarity. By focusing on mantras during your meditation, you can also use it as a powerful tool for manifesting what you want in your life. Mantras have been used by many cultures throughout history as a way to…

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Ways to Practice Compassion and Why it is Important

What is Compassion? Although the etymology of the word compassion is “to suffer together”, compassion can embrace a much broader way of relating to others. We have talked about Empathy in the past, so how does empathy compare to compassion? You can think of empathy in terms of being aware of the energy and emotions…

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3 Tips to Starting a Mindfulness Routine

Being mindful is focusing your awareness on the present moment and moving from engaging in the stories in your head to the seat of observation without judgment. Mindfulness exercises can help with everything from anxiety to increased energy, improved mood and better sleep, not to mention the energetic benefits like increasing alignment and resonance in…

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Why It Is Hard to Set Boundaries as an Empath (and What to Do About It)

An empath is a person who is sensitive to the energy and emotions of others and can intuitively feel what other people are feeling. Empathy is a natural trait we all have, but empaths are more sensitive to the feelings of others and, therefore, more likely to be affected by them. Empaths often find it…

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Spiritual Self-Care – Examples & Plan

Why Practice Spiritual Self Care Daily? We know that taking care of our body each day is crucial for living a long and healthy life but taking care of our spirit – our energy is just as important. Our energy is what infuses our body and, in many cases, imbalances in our physical body first…

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11 Clarifying Questions to Manifest What You Want

Every year I have had a tradition where I align with a new word for the year that will help me stay clear and focused on what it is I want to create. Words like abundance, balance, self-care, healing, growth etc. ensure when I am making decisions and planning my time that I stay aligned.…

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Who Are Your Spirit Guides?

Ways Spirit Guides Can Help You Stay Connected and Aligned Sometimes our lives are so busy, our attention is taken away from our inner voice and knowing. It is that voice that helps us to stay in the flow of life and make decisions that serve our highest self. Although it is essential for us…

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Using Tools to Connect with Intuition

What are the Best Divination Methods for Predicting the Future? Divination is the act of foretelling future events or revealing knowledge. The universe is our playground. We are here to create, have fun and evolve. Sometimes it might feel like we are in an uphill battle in our lives and our focus moves out of…

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