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What is Reiki Energy?

It has become common knowledge that everything is composed of energy. From the chair you are sitting on to the plant that sits on your windowsill, everything at its most basic level is composed of energy and vibrates at a specific frequency. We can use instruments such as the electrocardiogram to measure the energy our…

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A Light Seeker’s Guide to Year-End Reflection and Renewal

As the year draws to a close, it presents the perfect opportunity for us to pause and reflect inwards. Year-end reflection gives you the space to review the past 12 months with intentionality, mining your experiences for insights that will illuminate your path ahead. By taking the time to stop and look within, we open…

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Mastering Ho’oponopono: A Guide to Healing & Forgiveness

Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian practice that has piqued the interest of many in the world of healing and self-improvement. As a practice deeply rooted in the concepts of forgiveness and reconciliation, Ho’oponopono offers a unique pathway to inner peace and harmony. Today, we delve into the top 10 frequently asked questions about this fascinating…

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The Journey Within: Releasing Limiting Beliefs to Uncover Your True Self

We all want to live a joyful, peaceful life, yet most of us seem to struggle to attain that ideal. Daily irritations, relationship conflicts, health issues, and the stresses of modern life often leave us feeling anxious, frustrated, or just plain unhappy. What if the source of our discontent lies not in external circumstances, but…

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Interview with the HelioSol Founder

I am so happy to share this interview with the founder of the HelioSol System, Sylvia Muiznieks. We dive deep into the philosophy of this amazing modality, the root of imbalance, and Sylvia also leads us through a frequency meditation I know you will love. Join us to connect and learn more about HelioSol, ways…

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How to Start Your Own Holistic Healing Practice

A 7 Step Guide for Lightworkers Do you feel called to start your own holistic healing practice and share your gifts with the world? As a lightworker, you have immense potential to help others through energy healing. However, turning your passion into a thriving business takes strategy and planning. This comprehensive 7-step guide will walk…

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Allowing Abundance to Flow

As a lightworker, you are here to shine your light and uplift humanity. An essential part of your soul’s purpose is being able to support yourself financially so you can focus on your spiritual mission. Abundance allows you to generously share your gifts while taking care of your needs. The universe wants you to thrive,…

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What is the HelioSol System?

I’m so excited to delve into a transformative healing system that I am now so honored to be teaching—The HelioSol System. Whether you’re seeking personal growth, better health, or a new tool in your practitioner toolkit, this episode is for you. What is HelioSol? HelioSol is a consciousness based healthcare system with a holistic approach…

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The Meaning of Tarot Cards and How to Use Them on Your Path to Enlightenment

In the realm of esoteric practices, tarot cards hold a unique place as powerful tools for self-discovery and personal growth. Here we will explore tarot symbolism, providing you with insights into their meanings and how to incorporate them into your life. You will learn about the origins, symbolism, interpretation, and practical applications of tarot cards,…

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Embracing Abundance in Your Energy Practice & Life

In the realm of enlightenment and energy healing, the pursuit of financial success need not be separate from your spiritual path. Embracing the idea of “YES/AND” rather than “either/or,” you can elevate yourself to your highest and fullest potential as a lightworker while simultaneously experiencing financial prosperity. Here are eight empowering money beliefs that can…

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