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Who Are Your Spirit Guides?

Ways Spirit Guides Can Help You Stay Connected and Aligned Sometimes our lives are so busy, our attention is taken away from our inner voice and knowing. It is that voice that helps us to stay in the flow of life and make decisions that serve our highest self. Although it is essential for us…

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Using Tools to Connect with Intuition

What are the Best Divination Methods for Predicting the Future? Divination is the act of foretelling future events or revealing knowledge. The universe is our playground. We are here to create, have fun and evolve. Sometimes it might feel like we are in an uphill battle in our lives and our focus moves out of…

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You are Magnetic

How to Raise Your Vibration to Manifest What You Want Everything in the Universe vibrates at a particular frequency from the solid rock on the ground, the light around you and the information being passed through cell towers, satellites and more. As humans, we also vibrate at varying frequencies. Our thoughts, memories and emotions also…

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Are you Listening?

Signs the Universe is Talking to You We are constantly being bombarded with information from the world around us. In order to survive, our brains and body are hardwired to filter most of that information out. The only problem with this filtering mechanism is that it is usually programmed based on faulty beliefs that we…

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Connecting with Intuition Through ESP

Ways to Discover and Develop Your Extrasensory Perception We all have the innate ability to develop our psychic gifts. But it’s not commonly understood and is often stigmatized. Psychic abilities are just a part of our natural human ability that we can develop if we are open to that understanding. In my last post, I…

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Exploring Your Psychic Gifts

Have you ever wondered what your psychic abilities are? Can you feel other people’s energy around you? Does it affect your energy as well? Have you ever wondered how it is that you foresaw some events or have you ever experienced coincidences that when you look back were almost miraculous? Do you think you have…

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What are the Akashic Records?

We are still in our infancy when it comes to understanding what our bodies are truly capable of. Although much wisdom from the ancient ages has been lost, we are using our modern minds to explore concepts that were widely accepted in the past. If I were to tell you that there is a database…

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How to Use Mindfulness to Release Energy and Enhance Your Life

For the past year, my 6 year old will often stop and ask me, “How do we know we are real?”. Although we don’t need to dive too deep into that ocean of thought here, I do think it is important to get clear on what aspects of your life are real and true and…

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How to Ask Your Angels for Guidance

I had been struggling a bit. Nothing seemed to be flowing and I felt like I was efforting to create in my life (which we know is not effective). I had a friend gift an energetic reading to me and the first thing the Intuitive said was – “Your Guides are here with you.” I…

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Using Moon Cycles for Manifesting

As the energy of the earth and the energy impacting earth (and us) increases in frequency and resonance, I thought it was important to explore how you can align your personal energy with that of the earth – and in this post – specifically the cycles of the moon so that you can be empowered…

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